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Florence and George

Florence and GeorgeIn the early 1970s Florence and George Theriault cast off their lucrative and stable careers to open a small country auction house in rural Pennsylvania. They didn’t make more money, they made less. They didn’t work fewer hours, they worked more, but they were their own bosses. Within ten years that small auction company became an internationally renowned antique auction firm. Later Theriaults moved to Annapolis, Maryland, and a sister company, Dollmasters, was founded by Florence and George.

Where Theriaults would offer people unparalleled antique collectibles, Dollmasters presented collectors with a mix of hand-crafted art pieces and old store stock discovered by Florence and George as they toured the world gathering antiques. Dollmasters distinguished itself as the mail-order company that didn’t simply offer every item it could find; they picked and chose the ones they would be proud to have in their own homes.

Four decades later, Dollmasters changed its name to Florence and George to celebrate the original entrepreneurial spirit of its founders. But like Dollmasters, Florence and George is still committed to offering you nothing we wouldn’t put in our homes. Florence and George: For collectors, by collectors.

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