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  1. Ginny, "In the Garden" Inspired by the illustrations of Margaret Evans Price

    The blonde-haired child wears a blue and white checkered pinafore over a white cotton dress and panties, blue sunbonnet, white shoes and socks. 8". Learn More

  2. Red Haired Ginny, "Me And My Dolly"

    Inspired by the illustrations of Margaret Evans Price, wearing flowered cotton dress with magenta sash, shoes and hair-bow, and carrying her own little doll. 8''. Learn More

  3. Goose Girl, One of a Kind, by Paola Pirani

    The blue silk scarf highlighting Goose Girl is decorated with a number of small glass eyes. Her silk dress also features dainty sheer sleeves and a ruffled skirt in shades of blue. 15''. Learn More

  4. Red-Haired Rini In Leotard By Horsman

    Dress her as you please, or simply pose her so her infinitely poseable body can show to advantage. After all, she has 14 points of articulation including a swivel waist. Her hair is very soft to the touch and a luscious color complemented by coral-shaded lips. She wears a black leotard, knit tights, and black velvet flats. Only 200 dolls have been made, each is numbered. 14 1/2". Learn More

  5. Sophie, by R. John Wright

    Sophie, from the Steiff Kinderseries by American artist R. John Wright, comes with silk ribbons in her hair. She is costumed in a felt dress with muslin sleeves and collar, a laced felt weskit, floral cotton apron, custom made stockings and undergarments, and leather tie shoes. On one arm, Sophie carries a custom made hand woven basket with tiny felt flowers. 17". SD-969 Learn More

    Regular Price: $1,270.00

    Special Price $775.00

  6. Wendy Darling By Xenis

    Wendy Darling finds Peter’s shadow and re-attaches it for him, and in appreciation for this, Peter offers to takes the Darling children to Never Never Land. Unfortunately they leave so quickly that Wendy Darling never has time to pack, or even really to dress, which explains why she wears only a pink nightgown with slippers. Her facial sculpting is smoother than Peter’s, creating a more gentle feminine expression. 16". Learn More

  7. Peter Pan, A Carved Wooden Doll from the Xenis Collection

    Peter loved to visit the real world and listen to the Darling family bedtime stories, but one night Peter is noticed and he barely escapes, leaving behind his shadow. No fear of that here though, as our Peter even owns his own shadow. Peter is carved entirely from maple wood and wears a green felt tunic and matching cap with a real leather belt and a small dagger. 16". SD-965 Learn More

    Regular Price: $1,100.00

    Special Price $749.00

  8. Kewpie Santa Claus

    There is no kause for koncern with the Kewpie Santa Claus because even his festive Santa costume can't disguise his classic blue wings, impish eyes, and cheerful smile. Of high-quality vinyl with jointed limbs. 12''. SD-959. $49. Learn More

  9. Penny Brite Doll With 3 Outfits

    The wide-eyed saucy girl was introduced in 1964 and now she has returned. We offer Penny with replicas of three of her original costumes and along with her original vinyl carrying case with an image of Penny on the lid. 8". Learn More

  10. Wicked Witch of the East by Madame Alexander

    Though in the original story we see no more of the Wicked Witch of East then her shoes and quickly curling socks, Alexander has made an excellent “guess” as to what her costume could look like. The witch wears an elegant purple taffeta dress with a vibrant red hat and matching red tulle accentuating the skirt. The basic doll is Cissette. 10". SD-950 Learn More

    Regular Price: $125.00

    Special Price $89.00

  11. Carin, The American School Girl By Effanbe

    Inspired by the works of the celebrated doll artist, Dewees Cochran, who designed dolls for Effanbee in the 1940's, Carin reintroduces the artist's series of American children. Carin is wearing a pastel plaid skirt and a knit sweater top with faux-fur collar. 21". Learn More

  12. Elegant Evening Toni by Effanbe

    Any evening with Toni would be elegant but when she wears this tulle ball gown with rhinestone trim, it's absolutely divine. She even comes with a necklace, earrings, gloves, and shoes. 13''. Learn More

Items 13 to 24 of 300 total

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