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  1. Uncle Sam Brownie by R. John Wright

    Leading the Brownie Parade is, naturally Uncle Sam, the patriotic embodiment of all things American and Brownie. Uncle Sam is dressed in a patriotic all-felt costume of striped trousers with working pockets, waistcoat, polka-dotted bow tie, blue swallow tailed jacket, woven straw top hat, and leather shoes. Produced in just 250 pieces, Uncle Sam is a limited edition exclusive to Florence & George and will be presented with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. 9". SD-933 Learn More

    Regular Price: $425.00

    Special Price $375.00

  2. Dolly By Rhonda Waters Enchantments

    Her shy expression is enhanced by tiny size. Made entirely of bisque with swivel head and jointed arms and legs, she is the work of talented artist, Rhonda Waters, who lovingly painted each doll one by one. She features painted up-glancing eyes and the details of her painting even include a nice blush on her knees. Her costume is hand-knit in a delicate silk/cotton in a tiny pattern that complements the rest, and her shoes and socks are painted. We have only 12, made especially for Florence & George. 5". Learn More

  3. An All-Bisque Boy With Character by Montedragone

    He doesn't look happy, does he? With character sculpting so detailed it practically tells a story, Castanotte is an all-bisque character wearing a brown felt two-piece suit with green knit trim. Both the costume, and its matching hat are adorned with faux grapes and leaves. A fully-jointed all-bisque character doll by the renowned Italian firm Montedragone. 7". Learn More

  4. Lina, a Florence & George Exclusive

    Handmade by the German artist Annette Hermann. Lina, with brown glass eyes who wears a white crochet dress with silk ribbons and a festive handmade straw hat, pushes a small doll carriage with two cats and a small Heidi Ott-designed baby doll. Limited Edition of 10. Exclusive to Florence & George. 9''. SD-921 Learn More

    Regular Price: $549.00

    Special Price $475.00

  5. Iris, by Annette Herrmann

    Iris, with lovely blue painted eyes, is ready to host her guests, a teddy bear, two cats, and a Heidi Ott-designed doll for a lovely tea party with her enclosed tea set and table and chairs. Designed by artist Annette Herrmann in a limited Edition of 10 exclusively for Florence & George. 9 ½" and 5". SD-920 Learn More

  6. Abby, by Annette Herrmann

    A sweet brunette-haired girl with blue glass eyes wearing a wool jacket, over a smocked silk dress, with a matching hat featuring silk ribbon embroidery. Abby carries a handmade leather purse and is walking her pet dog. Made by artist Annette Hermann in a limited Edition of 10. 8 ½". SD-919 Learn More

  7. Mari by Annette Herrmann

    Handmade by German artist Annette Herrmann. Blue eyed Mari wears a silk taffeta and cotton lace dress and holds a tiny handmade basket with a pair of adorable pink pings. Limited Edition of 10. 9''. SD-918 Learn More

    Regular Price: $435.00

    Special Price $349.00

  8. Uli The Red-Haired Boy

    The handsome green-eyed boy with a shock of red hair, from artist Berdine Creedy, is wearing his Sunday best suit with grown-up trousers and vest white shirt bow tie and black shoes just like Fathers. After Sunday dinner, he can go out to play in his extra costume featuring loden green woolen jacket, corduroy pants, plaid shirt and brown oxfords. 13". Learn More

  9. Sha Whan By Berdine Creedy

    Possessing subtle, yet elegant character facial sculpting. Sha Wan, from renowned American artist Berdine Creedy, wears an ivory-colored blouse whose coral trim perfectly blends with her coral-colored skirt with ivory trim, and both have stitched floral pattern. Signed, dated and numbered by the artist. 12". Learn More

  10. Princess Berdina by Berdine Creedy

    Princess Berdina, from artist Berdine Creedy, is the star of a children's storybook (a doll-sized copy is included with the doll). The red-headed Princess Berdina possesses brown glass like eyes, lacy cotton dress and bejeweled tiara as befitting a Princess. Signed, dated, and numbered by the artist. 13". Learn More

  11. Mae Lin Doll By Heidi Plusczok

    The German artist chooses art quality vinyl as her medium, then enhances it with glass eyes, and hand-painted features by the artist herself. The beautiful Asian child, Mae Lin, has brunette human hair in an elaborate coiffure decorated with hand-painted silk flowers, and on her slender older-child body with jointing at shoulders and hips, she wears an artist-made pure linen costume with hand-embroidered and appliqué cherry blossoms. Her sandals are decorated with felt appliqué flowers. From an edition of only 120 dolls. 21". Learn More

  12. Bug by Berdine Creedy

    Bug, a red headed girl, wears a two toned green cotton dress with a stitched ladybug emblem and come with a lady bug shaped purse and a miniature tea set in a wicker basket. Made in a limited edition of 100 by artist Berdine Creedy, each doll comes with a certificate of authenticity. 8 1/2". SD-911 Learn More

    Regular Price: $125.00

    Special Price $87.00

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