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  1. Bee by Berdine Creedy

    Bee, a brown complexioned girl, wears a two toned purple dress with flower shaped buttons, perfectly complimenting her bumblebee- shaped purse. Made in a limited edition of 100 by artist Berdine Creedy, each doll comes with a certificate of authenticity. 8 1/2". SD-910 Learn More

    Regular Price: $125.00

    Special Price $87.00

  2. Giddy Up Kewpie

    Giddy Up Kewpie is ready to hit the trails and comes with her own hobby horse. 8" SD-909 Learn More

  3. Kewpie Pinky Blue

    Wearing an adorable white/blue-diamond jump suit with pink ribbon and shoes, this Kewpie is extra special because it is 12 inches high. SD-908 Learn More

  4. Margot, by Maggie Iacono

    A fully-jointed felt doll, Margot represents an experiment in an unusual size for the renowned American artist, Maggie Iacono. The pale blue greens of Margot's molded wool felt bonnet and blue green satin sash highlight her detailed cream colored dress, brown eyes and strawberry mohair wig. The tradition of black tights and Mary Jane's take this sweet little girl on a walk straight into your heart. She stands in front of a tri- fold screen covered in a fabric reproduction of Renoir's masterpiece. 8 1/2'' SD-906 Learn More

  5. Uniform With French Horn By Peter Wolf

    Crafted entirely of wood in the 18th century English style, our fine gentleman has oil-painted complexion and facial features including a mustache and tiny goatee. His enamel eyes are dot-edged in the classic style, and his periwig is arranged with rolled curls and a long braid. shoulders and hips are jointed and he wears a fine silk brocade waistcoat with twill lining , cuffs, and breastplate. Tall suede boots, tri-corner hat with fringe and a silver French horn complete his accessories. 14". Learn More

  6. Lady in Riding Costume by Peter Wolf

    The artistically painted wooden lady in the 18th century style has enamel inset eyes, and classic details including ''dot'' lashes and brows, and blush spots on cheeks. Her cheeks are blushed from her outdoor living as she wears a wonderful riding costume comprising a green felt fitted jacket lined with burgundy contrast and edged with a metallic border. Her cotton skirt is lined and stiffened and her tri-corner hat protects a neatly arranged hemp wig. With jointed limbs. 14". Learn More

  7. Amelia by Paulinette

    The fully-jointed all-porcelain doll has a very gentle expression enhanced by the soft waist-length curls of her blonde mohair wig. She wears a pink taffeta party dress with iridescent taffeta pinafore, a bright yellow bow in her hair, and carries a pink velvet teddy bear. Comes with a wooden based stand. 8". Learn More

  8. Florrie With Two Costumes by Berdine Creedy

    Florrie, from American doll artist Berdine Creedy, is a petite doll that arrives costumed in dainty peach underwear and a curly mohair wig. In addition, she has an two costumes, a romper suit as well as a cotton dress, decorated and embroidered with applique designs of flowers and dragonflies, and three pairs of socks and shoes to complete the look. 8". Learn More

  9. Spirit of Autumn Lady by Helen Kish

    She features brown painted eyes and sunset red mohair wig, and wears a gold brocade trumpet skirt with fitted ivory felt tunic decorated with appliqué stripes of felt in autumn’s hues and multi-hued felt collar cut in the shape of leaves. Her cloche is red felt with a green brim, dotted with tiny red poms and a saucy black feather plume. 16". SD-871 Learn More

    Regular Price: $249.00

    Special Price $99.00

  10. Red Haired Girl With Toy Kitten

    The tint of her titian hair, exactly matching her real lashes, the soft brown eyes, the little chin dimple, the fabrics and drape of her dress that perfectly match her toy mohair glass-eyed kitten on wheeled base prove the commitment of the talented artist, Berdine Creedy, to her work. From a limited edition of 25 exclusively produced for Florence & George. 10". Learn More

  11. Mother And Baby By Peter Wolf

    Utilizing classic English sculpting techniques used as early as the mid-17th century, Peter Wolf has created yet another vintage masterpiece in this Mother & Baby. The Mother is an entirely hand sculpted wood doll with exquisitely hand-painted details including single brush-stroke eye-lashes and eye-brows. Mother wears a superb costume of the era styled of antique fabrics, with a matching green wire-frame silk bonnet. Her baby wears a knit cotton dress with an orange silk bodice and a green felt hat. Each is signed, numbered and dated, from a limited edition of 10. Mother is a grand 22". Learn More

  12. Nannerl by Peter Wolf

    In the mid 18th century, Leopold and Anna Maria Mozart lived in a small Salzburg apartment with their two children, Amadeus and Maria Anna, known as “Nannerl.” Leopold decided to teach his children music and take them on tours of royalty. Though both were highly gifted musically, Amadeus Mozart became world famous and Nannerl moved onto marriage and children as a woman of her time was expected to do. Now Peter Wolf has immortalized both of these gifted children, and who better to sculpt a doll of the Austrian-born musical genius and his sibling than the German-born doll savant? Utilizing a classic English sculpting technique reminiscent of 17th century English dolls, predating even Queen Anne dolls, each piece is entirely hand-carved, painted and costumed painted with exquisite detail. Each is signed and numbered, from a limited edition of 30. 14". SD-866 Learn More

    Regular Price: $975.00

    Special Price $675.00

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