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  1. Mozart By Peter Wolf

    In the mid 18th century, Leopold and Anna Maria Mozart lived in a small Salzburg apartment with their two children, Amadeus and Maria Anna, known as “Nannerl.” Leopold decided to teach his children music and take them on tours of royalty. Though both were highly gifted musically, Amadeus Mozart became world famous and Nannerl moved onto marriage and children as a woman of her time was expected to do. Now Peter Wolf has immortalized both of these gifted children, and who better to sculpt a doll of the Austrian-born musical genius and his sibling than the German-born doll savant? Utilizing a classic English sculpting technique reminiscent of 17th century English dolls, predating even Queen Anne dolls, each piece is entirely hand-carved, painted and costumed painted with exquisite detail. Each is signed and numbered, from a limited edition of 30. 14". SD-865 Learn More

    Regular Price: $975.00

    Special Price $675.00

  2. Rachel By Maggie Iacono

    Sometimes on a special day, Maggie has a whim to create these tiny dolls. You won’t find them very often, and, frankly, we just have a few. Rachel with brown hair is all felt with jointing at shoulders and hips. She is perfectly sized as a play doll for her larger dolls, or just to collect on her own. 7" Learn More

  3. Gentle Apple-Boy Pum by Sylvia Natterer

    Handmade by the celebrated artist Sylvia Natterer. Pum features a sculpted all-bisque toddler body as well as painted hair and eyes with enhancing decorative highlights on eyes for a realistic look. Signed, numbered and dated by the artist. Learn More

  4. Birgit by Montedragone

    Among the fine features of the all-bisque sculpted doll from Italian artist doll studio, Montedragone, are the unusual character face highlighted by a rascal tongue and deep intaglio eyes. Birgit wears a brown cotton dress and brown wool felt hat, especially created for her in the Montedragone studios. 12". SD-850 Learn More

  5. Picking Bouquets Cissette by Alexander

    Alexander’s petite fashion lady, first introduced in the 1950’s, is dressed in a classic costume of that decade, a dark blue garden party dress with white color, white lace-trimmed undergarments, and a straw bonnet with felt flowers. She’s made with bent knees for multiple posing. 10". Learn More

  6. Little Southern Miss, by Alexander

    Little Southern Miss wears a pink cotton dress with white lace trim and a straw bonnet held fast by a blue ribbon streamer. 8". Learn More

  7. Peter (Monelli) from Montedragone by Annette Herrmann

    With facial sculpting that tells a tale, the orphan boy from Monte Dragone possess unique facial sculpting that captures not in a moment of posed happiness, but rather in an instant of realistic reaction. The blonde boy has a skeptical grimace. Fully jointed and all bisque with a handmade costume of natural fabric. 12". SD-781 Learn More

    Regular Price: $210.00

    Special Price $169.00

  8. Serpillo By Montedragone

    The fully-jointed Serpillo possesses an all-bisque toddler body with uniquely splayed fingers, and his face has deeply inset glass eyes, and a quizzically askew mouth. All this, and Serpillo wears a hand-knit felt fantasy costume too, adorned with lace trim and bells. 15 1/2". SD-780 Learn More

    Regular Price: $175.00

    Special Price $129.00

  9. Fungo By Montedragone

    You know why all the ladies love this guy? Cause he’s such a fun guy! Well, you may have to say the joke out loud to get it, but you need only look at Fungo’s incredibly detailed facial expression to know why you’ll love him. From his side-glancing eyes, to his inquisitively upturned-eyebrows, the mushroom-costumed doll possesses an artistically-detailed toddler body. 11". SD-779 Learn More

    Regular Price: $225.00

    Special Price $175.00

  10. Chicca from Montedragone by Annette Herrmann

    With facial sculpting that possess the expression of a unique instant of realistic reaction, Chicca, the red headed orphan girl from Montedragone has her tongue curled across her upper lip in a moment of mouth watering expectation, perhaps being offered a cookie.Fully jointed, all bisque, with handmade costume of natural fabric. 12". SD-778 Learn More

    Regular Price: $210.00

    Special Price $99.00

  11. Butterfly Catcher Pom, by Sylvia Natterer

    Pom may have a policy of catch and release, but when you finally get your hands on him, you'll find you will never let him go. Pom wears a green felt and silk suit with orange tulle sleeves that match his orange butterfly net. His orange wool felt cap neatly compliments his strawberry blonde hair and auburn eyes. In a limited edition of 15, each doll is signed, numbered, and dated by the artist, Sylvia Natterer. 13". Learn More

  12. Floriana And Baby Flo, by Sylvia Natterer

    Floriana is an ethereal vision of a child's love of her doll. Her bisque head is sculpted and painted with a strong yet tender expression and her softly rounded nose is simply delightful. Floriana has a cloth body, bisque arms and legs, and is wearing a delicate soft green silk dress, pink knit sweater, and a matching silk hat. 14" seated. Learn More

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