Annette Herrman

The German born American artist Annette Hermann has been making dolls over ten years, but looking at her work you would think she's been designing dolls for centuries. Each of her dolls is all bisque, wears a mohair wig and each comes with an information packet containing detailed information about the doll, the artist, and a signed, numbered, and dated certificate of authenticity.

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  1. Lina, a Florence & George Exclusive

    Handmade by the German artist Annette Hermann. Lina, with brown glass eyes who wears a white crochet dress with silk ribbons and a festive handmade straw hat, pushes a small doll carriage with two cats and a small Heidi Ott-designed baby doll. Limited Edition of 10. Exclusive to Florence & George. 9''. Learn More

  2. Iris, by Annette Herrmann

    Iris, with lovely blue painted eyes, is ready to host her guests, a teddy bear, two cats, and a Heidi Ott-designed doll for a lovely tea party with her enclosed tea set and table and chairs. Designed by artist Annette Herrmann in a limited Edition of 10 exclusively for Florence & George. 9 ½" and 5". Learn More

  3. Abby, by Annette Herrmann

    A sweet brunette-haired girl with blue glass eyes wearing a wool jacket, over a smocked silk dress, with a matching hat featuring silk ribbon embroidery. Abby carries a handmade leather purse and is walking her pet dog. Made by artist Annette Hermann in a limited Edition of 10. 8 ½". Learn More

  4. Mari by Annette Herrmann

    Handmade by German artist Annette Herrmann. Blue eyed Mari wears a silk taffeta and cotton lace dress and holds a tiny handmade basket with a pair of adorable pink pings. Limited Edition of 10. 9''. Learn More

  5. Emma, by Annette Herrmann

    With a single enigmatic expression, Emma symbolizes Montedragone perfectly. Her amazingly sculpted face is modern, but at the same time classic, with its freckles, pouty lips, deeply inset glass eyes and mohair wig. Such is the case with the costume as well, red and bronze polka dotted design in a classic dress pattern with an antiqued lace trim. Truly, Emma is perfect for modern and antique enthusiasts alike. 15 ½". Learn More

  6. Peter (Monelli) from Montedragone by Annette Herrmann

    With facial sculpting that tells a tale, the orphan boy from Monte Dragone possess unique facial sculpting that captures not in a moment of posed happiness, but rather in an instant of realistic reaction. The blonde boy has a skeptical grimace. Fully jointed and all bisque with a handmade costume of natural fabric. 12". Learn More

  7. Chicca from Montedragone by Annette Herrmann

    With facial sculpting that possess the expression of a unique instant of realistic reaction, Chicca, the red headed orphan girl from Montedragone has her tongue curled across her upper lip in a moment of mouth watering expectation, perhaps being offered a cookie.Fully jointed, all bisque, with handmade costume of natural fabric. 12". Learn More

  8. Ida By Annette Herrman

    The all-bisque Ida features a red mohair wig and blue painted eyes, and is wearing a white cotton fabric and lace nightgown, and white leather slippers. Ida also owns her own miniature porcelain basin and wooden frame sink with toiletries and towels and even her own tiny porcelain doll. 9". Learn More

  9. Sela By Annette Herrmann

    A doll holding a doll holding a bear, and another bear alongside. That's how one might describe this delightful presentation by the famed artist. From an edition of only 10 dolls, all porcelain Sela, with large brown glass eyes, chestnut mohair braids, jointed limbs, and wearing a rose silk dress with smocked bodice carries a tiny all-bisque baby with dear lace trimmed costume. Waiting nearby is an all-mohair bear that carries in his own miniature traveling trunk. 9". Learn More

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