Helen Kish



"...It is Helen's soaring flights of fancy that make her one of the most fascinating, sought after and respected doll artists working today."

-The Artist and her Dolls, Louise Fecher





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  1. Zsu Zse Contempo By Kish & Company

    Stylishly mod model of the golden-skinned child has black curly side-ponytails, painted brown eyes, and wears red flannel jacket with colorful buttons over cotton skirt with brilliant knit edging ,striped leggings. 8''. Learn More

  2. Blonde Hair Tatum by Helen Kish

    Delicate pale blonde hair in a bobbed style is complemented by soft blue/grey hand painted eyes. The bent limb baby wears knit onesie with crocheted contrasting tunic and matching cap. 7''. Learn More

  3. Raggedy Riley Figurine by Helen Kish

    Designed by beloved American artist, Helen Kish, in the style of America's beloved rag doll with colorful striped stockings and a polka dot dress. 3''. Learn More

  4. Hi-Top & Ruffles Raven By Helen Kish

    You'll love this doll at first glance. Highlighting Raven is long flowing straight black mohair, hand-painted facial features, and she wears the most vibrant red floral and polka-dotted ruffled dress with matching black hi-top sneakers. Look further, you'll love her even more because Raven has a wonderfully constructed 13-point articulated body so you can plan and pose however you wish. 14". Learn More

  5. Spirit of Autumn Lady by Helen Kish

    She features brown painted eyes and sunset red mohair wig, and wears a gold brocade trumpet skirt with fitted ivory felt tunic decorated with appliqué stripes of felt in autumn’s hues and multi-hued felt collar cut in the shape of leaves. Her cloche is red felt with a green brim, dotted with tiny red poms and a saucy black feather plume. 16". Learn More

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  6. Zsu Zse Japonesque by Helen Kish

    She's 8'' of pure vibrancy. With classic bobbed cut of black mohair, painted brown eyes, extra articulation at neck shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees, the doll is wearing a vivid costume of purples and turquoise. 8''. Learn More

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