Jessie Ross

Perhaps no living artist carries the torch of the Americana rag dolls with the resolve and artistry of Jessie Ross. A fourth generation seamstress, Jessie Ross started young and started simple; pillows, pin cushions and dresses for her dolls. By high school she was sewing her own clothes. Now she makes her own dolls, she designs them, sews them, and dresses them. There is literally no part of her dolls that isn’t personally done by Jessie. That’s the Americana way.

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  1. Harvest Hannah by Jessie Ross

    By Jessie Ross. A classic Americana raggedy-style doll wearing a vintage fabric apron stamped with ''Harvest'' and a vintage key necklace. 15''. Learn More

  2. Karilynn by Jessie Ross

    By Jessie Ross. Perfect for your American collection, or even to sit on your quilt covered bed, Karilynn is entirely hand made by PrimRoss Designs, wears a polka-dot dress adorned with vintage lace and buttons and covered by a 1940's fabric apron. Limited edition of 4, exclusive to Florence & George. 33". Learn More

  3. Sophie and Snowcone, by Jessie Ross

    In the classic raggedy Americana manner, Sophie, crafted by artist Jessie Ross, is an artist-stained muslin doll with an embroidered face and chenille hair. Sophie wears a red calico dress and a snowman print apron and she even holds her own 7" artist made snow cone friend. 29". Learn More

  4. Little Lady Rag Doll, by Jessie Ross

    The classic rag doll with embroidered features and red yarn hair wears a delightful raggedy costume, whose skirt is printed Little Lady over and over again. Handmade in America by Jessie Ross of Primrose Designs. A dear 10'' size. Learn More

  5. Noelle the Raggedy Advent Doll by Jessie Ross

    An Advent calendar unlike any other, Noelle is a rag doll whose hand-made cotton dress is covered in 24 small numbered pockets. Noelle, who also has a small loop on the back of her head for hanging, was entirely hand made by renowned American artist Jessie Ross. Exclusive to Florence & George. 35". Learn More

  6. Orabelle by Jessie Ross

    By American doll artist Jessie Ross. The pumpkin-headed Orabelle wears a green cotton dress with a matching checkered green smock over her huggable rag doll body. Entirely hand-made and hand-painted by Jessie Ross.(Please Note: These are hand-made and unique, fabric and colors may vary slightly from picture) 20". SD-1236 Learn More

  7. Tillie and Tucker by Jessie Ross

    Handmade by American artist Jessie Ross. Tillie is a hand-dyed muslin rag doll with an embroidered face and yarn hair. She wears a hand-crafted calico dress and holds her muslin kitten, Tucker. 26”. Learn More

  8. American Rosette By Jessie Ross

    A simple, but warm piece of Americana, Rosette is a hand-made muslin doll with an embroidered face wearing a red, white, and blue skirted dress adorned with vintage ribbon trim. 13". TB-642. $47. Learn More

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