Maggie Iacono

Perhaps the most celebrated contemporary doll artisan, Maggie Iacono has long been recognized for creating dolls of unsurpassed quality in construction, fashion, posing, and desirability.





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  1. Margot, by Maggie Iacono

    A fully-jointed felt doll, Margot represents an experiment in an unusual size for the renowned American artist, Maggie Iacono. The pale blue greens of Margot's molded wool felt bonnet and blue green satin sash highlight her detailed cream colored dress, brown eyes and strawberry mohair wig. The tradition of black tights and Mary Jane's take this sweet little girl on a walk straight into your heart. She stands in front of a tri- fold screen covered in a fabric reproduction of Renoir's masterpiece. 8 1/2'' Learn More

  2. Rachel By Maggie Iacono

    Sometimes on a special day, Maggie has a whim to create these tiny dolls. You won’t find them very often, and, frankly, we just have a few. Rachel with brown hair is all felt with jointing at shoulders and hips. She is perfectly sized as a play doll for her larger dolls, or just to collect on her own. 7" Learn More

  3. Katherine by Maggie Iacono

    From her flowing strawberry blonde-hair to specially dyed graduating two-tone jacket which perfectly bridges the aesthetic gap from her ecru hat to her green felt skirt, Katherine is a Maggie Iacono doll that everyone will want to own, though as a limited edition of 20, only a lucky few will. Adorning her soft white summer cap are a pair of pansies and her jacket sports a tiny felt applique village complete with cottages and surrounding trees. Limited edition of 20 exclusively available through Florence & George. 16". Learn More

  4. Mary Quite Contrary By Maggie Iacono

    How does her garden grow? How ever it does, it won't be as beautiful as the vivid bouquet of silken flowers with which artist Maggie Iacono has adorned Mary Quite Contrary's apron. Her apron is worn over a textured cotton dress of soft pine green with the romantic touch of lace trimmed pantaloons. Matching ultra suede shoes add the perfect touch to her outfit. Her curly mohair wig is topped with a hand molded, wide brimmed wool felt hat and posed with her watering can, Mary is ready to tend her famous garden. All she needs now are the silver bells and cockle shells. 17". Learn More

  5. Once Upon A Time by Maggie Iacono

    Highlighting the fairy tale costume of the American artist's Once Upon A Time fairy tale heroine is an elegant fabric cape with hand-dyed pale cream silk lining. Revealed beneath: a stunning white felt dress with a green silk apron embroidered with an ivy of felt flowers and leaves. Under the food of her cape are curls of mohair braided up and held with tiny felt flowers. Once Upon a Time was produced by Maggie Iacono in a very limited edition. 16". SD-1105 Learn More

  6. Lacey By Maggie Iacono

    The young girl dolls of this talented artist are blessed with an expressiveness that is both enduring and endearing. Lacey is a perfect example. She wears a simple creamy felt dress with tiny embroidery around its edges overlaid with an incredible colorful lace. Deep and subtle shades of magenta and pink felt flowers, each one hand made, have staged a color palette that will be the envy of all other dolls in your collection. Her long straight human hair flows over her shoulders and is topped with a hand made molded felt hat. 15". Learn More

  7. Charlotte By Maggie Iacono

    A perfect flower of a girl which may be why she is wearing a unique petal shaped skirt of soft rose felt. Her bodice is decorated with woven ribbon flowers and an aqua silk sash binds her dainty waist. Fully articulated, all the better to tilt her head just so her long flowing mohair is shown to perfection. Produced in a limited edition of 60 by artist Maggie Iacono. 16 ½". Learn More

  8. Virginia By Maggie Iacono

    With delicate stichwork and embroidery, crafted by Maggie Iacono's skillful hands, Virginia is a prime example of the pre-eminent artist's work. Virginia's dress features a deep blush organza overskirt decorated with applique felt berries and flowers. Her cream wool bonnet captures brunette braids and frames her lovely hand painted face. Articulation of the head, shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees allows dainty posing. 16 ½". Learn More

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