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  1. Hal by Jared Monroe

    Patriotic Hal features a vibrant red and white two-toned hair with a blue-starred bowtie. 7" Learn More

  2. Boy in Green Sleeping Bag Matchbox Mice

    If your grandmother had opened a matchbox in her kitchen and found a mouse inside, she probably wouldn’t have been pleased, but then that mouse wouldn’t have been as adorable as these homespun mice, each of which comes in its own cotton sleeping blanket. Boy in Green Sleeping Bag. 4 1/2". HE-135. $28. Learn More

  3. Spring Time Flower Girl Vignette

    From an edition of only three, made exclusively for Dollmasters, is the little auburn-haired girl with bisque head and hands, and pretty blue glass eyes. She poses upon a wooden base with moss cover, alongside a whimsical metal-wheeled paper mache carriage in the shape of a shoe. Antique silk flowers fill her carriage and little wicker basket, and a little toy is at her feet. She wears a handmade cotton dress with antique handkerchief apron. 10"l. 9"h. HE-063. $575. m. Learn More

  4. Stephanie by Yolando Bello

    Clad in a festive red plaid dress, the dimpled girl is from the Christmas Memories collection. Very limited quantity. 12" kneeling. Learn More

  5. Gift of Wonder by Yolando Bello

    The all-porcelain doll is wearing a costume of vibrant lilac organza, and with gossamer wings. Very limited quantity. 10". Learn More

  6. Kathy Patterson's Halloween Girl, A Florence & George Exclusive

    If ever a witch there was, this is the finest you’ll find. A loving homage to the authentic antique candy containers of 19th century, entirely hand-made by renowned Canadian artist Kathy Patterson, exclusively for Florence & George. A bisque glass-eyed doll with bisque arms and legs sits atop a pumpkin and awaits Halloween with her small trick-or-treat basket and cat stick-puppet. The pumpkin lid removes for candy storage. The candy container is signed by the artist and dated on the bottom. 7". HO-319. $495. Learn More

  7. Pumpkin Head by Deb Canham

    From the artists 10th Anniversary celebration miniature series, inspired by the Oz stories, Pumpkin Head is riding his trusty brown velvet Sawhorse. Pumpkin Head has an orange velvet pumpkin head with black applique features and green stem. 4" Pumpkin Head, 6" seated on horse. Learn More

  8. Uncle Sam Brownie by R. John Wright

    Leading the Brownie Parade is, naturally Uncle Sam, the patriotic embodiment of all things American and Brownie. Uncle Sam is dressed in a patriotic all-felt costume of striped trousers with working pockets, waistcoat, polka-dotted bow tie, blue swallow tailed jacket, woven straw top hat, and leather shoes. Produced in just 250 pieces, Uncle Sam is a limited edition exclusive to Florence & George and will be presented with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. 9". SD-933 Learn More

    Regular Price: $425.00

    Special Price $375.00

  9. Little Dickens by Debbee Thibault

    By Debbie Thibault. From renowned American paper-mache artist Debbie Thibault comes the Halloween angel, Little Dickens, who wears a traditional seasonal witch's cap and even holds a festive pumpkin face mask so she's ready for any party. Limited Edition signed and numbered on the base. 8". Learn More

  10. Easter Angel Doll by Debbee Thibault

    During the Depression Era of the 1930’s starving American artists were commissioned to produce art in the American spirit through the the government-sponsored WPA program. Among these commissioned art works were dolls. Contemporary American artist Debbee Thibault has become known for her excellent work in recreating the style and spirit of those WPA dolls. Each handmade paper mache "Easter Angel" is a unique example of her personal touch with a wire halo, outstretched wings, and even her own paper mache teddy bear. "Easter Angel" has jointed arms, detailed facial modeling, and a weighed paper mache base which is signed and numbered by the artist. Learn More

  11. Halloween Ginny by Vogue

    Its no trick shes a treat. The 8" Vogue Ginny is ready for Halloween in her plushy orange pull-over decorated with a black Jack O'Lantern face. She even has her own little pumpkin candy bag. Learn More

  12. Orabelle by Jessie Ross

    By American doll artist Jessie Ross. The pumpkin-headed Orabelle wears a green cotton dress with a matching checkered green smock over her huggable rag doll body. Entirely hand-made and hand-painted by Jessie Ross.(Please Note: These are hand-made and unique, fabric and colors may vary slightly from picture) 20". SD-1236 Learn More

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