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  1. Carin, The American School Girl By Effanbe

    Inspired by the works of the celebrated doll artist, Dewees Cochran, who designed dolls for Effanbee in the 1940's, Carin reintroduces the artist's series of American children. Carin is wearing a pastel plaid skirt and a knit sweater top with faux-fur collar. 21". Learn More

  2. Tisket A Tasket Patsy by Effanbee

    So dainty! Patsy has blonde rooted hair and wears a pale rose chiffon party dress trimmed with chiffon flower that matches the flower in her headband and she carries a little basket of flowers. 14" Learn More

  3. Little Lass Patsy Ann

    All dressed up for a day in town is sleep-eyed Patsy Ann wearing a red and black diamond-print knit dress under a snappy black short coat with faux fur trim and matching beret and little purse with chain strap. 18". Learn More

  4. Cosmic Dreams Patsy Ann

    You'll dream rocket ships and far-away places with sleep-eyed Patsy Ann wearing vintage style flannel pajamas printed with imaginative Buck Rogers like designs, and a chenille robe with rocket ship applique. Learn More

  5. Kitty Keepsake Patsy by Effanbee

    Wearing a red cotton dress adorned with embroidered kittens as playful as she is Kitty Keepsake Patsy is a sure to be an instant classic for your collection. Kitty Keepsake also wears a black-and-polka-dotted bow in her blonde hair. 14". Learn More

  6. Beachtime Basic Red Head Patsy

    You can choose just one, but how could you? More than doubly adorable as a pair are our classic Patsy dolls in nifty little knit swimsuits and matching caps. 14'' vinyl with painted facial features. With molded red bobbed hair yellow swimsuit, and cap. Learn More

  7. Rosebud Patsy Pouty And Pert

    From the brand new Patsy Collection by Effanbee, and styled with the 70-year-old Patsy original body, comes Rosebud with brown complexion, curly black hair and and her typical "who, me?" expression. She wears a crisp yellow cotton dress with rosebud design and carries a basket of rosebuds. Learn More

  8. Classic Crib By Effanbee

    Originally designed to hold the Wee Patsy, the Classic Crib is actually perfectly for any baby or toddler doll in the 8” to 12” range. Set includes a wooden crib, a fitted mattress for the bottom of the crib, a terrycloth blanket and matching pillow with embroidered felt flowers, and even a smaller jointed teddy bear so no doll is lonely. 14.5” long. SD-643. $35 WAS $99. Learn More

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  9. Elegant Evening Toni by Effanbe

    Any evening with Toni would be elegant but when she wears this tulle ball gown with rhinestone trim, it's absolutely divine. She even comes with a necklace, earrings, gloves, and shoes. 13''. Learn More

  10. Rainy Days Patsyette

    Wearing a vinyl raincoat printed with little kittens that would rather stay home in the rain along with an over sized yellow vinyl hat, boots, and umbrella, is little Patsyette with red rooted hair in a classic bobbed fashion. 9". Learn More

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