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  1. Comfy Colors Besty by Robert Tonner

    Thanks to Robert Tonner, the classic 29" Betsy McCall has made its first appearance in the collectible doll market in decades. This brown-eyed fully-articulated Betsy (yes, swivel waist, and jointed shoulders, elbows, hips, and ankles) is appropriately named "Comfy Colors" because she's dressed in a vibrantly-colored knit sweater with a matching knit cap and knit scarf, and a purple velveteen skirt and matching shoes. Learn More

  2. Tiny Kitty And Trousseau by Robert Tonner

    For those doll enthusiasts who love Robert Tonner’s Kitty Collier dolls, or want to start collecting them, Florence & George presents the latest addition to the Kitty Collier fashion doll line by Robert Tonner, Tiny Kitty. Just like the originals, except 10" instead of 18. She owns two fabulous silk ensembles for evening wear with matching jewelry, shoes, purses and similar accouterments, and she’s made exclusively for Florence & George. SD-440 Learn More

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  3. Garden Party Confidential Brenda Starr

    Brenda Starr is wearing a raw silk green fitted sheath with matching long-sleeved jacket, matching heels, hat and bag, all complemented by her dark auburn hair. 18". Fully articulated quality vinyl with rooted hair and painted eyes. From an edition of 1000. Learn More

  4. Soir De Fete, from Theatre De La Mode by Robert Tonner

    Leave it to Robert Tonner to track down one of the most important collections of couture in the world, even if it’s located in the far-flung Maryhill Museum of Art in Oregon. Leave it to Robert Tonner to bring to life this collection in the form of fashionable dolls. Leave it to Robert Tonner to do it right, too. After WWII, Parisian couturiers created an exhibition of exquisitely costumed miniature mannequins to showcase their finest creations. They named their exhibition Theatre de la Mode and the signal doll of the collection, for many, was Soir de Fete, re-created today by Robert Tonner. The Soir de Fete fashion doll has an extraordinary coiffure of two-toned red and strawberry blonde hair and wears a black crepe gown with pink and blue satin ribbons, bronze needlework accents and applied cabochons. With beautifully painted face, the art quality vinyl doll also features bending arms. 17". Learn More

  5. Kitty Collier Goes First Class by Robert Tonner

    How else would elegant Kitty travel but first class? And how else could she dress but in a couture costume with a signature vintage touch? Kitty Collier's brunette hair is coiffed in an elegant up-swept manner and captured in a fabulous pillbox hat. The ensemble jacket is trimmed in chocolate velvet, and sculpted to the body in a perfect fit accomplished by clever pleats and built-in belting. She also wears a simple cafe-au-lait shell and matching tweed skirt, and the ensemble is accessorized with pearls, hat, pumps, and gloves. The final touch? A "first class" faux-crocodile travel case. 18" SD-124 Learn More

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    Special Price $45.00

  6. Tyler Wentworth's Weekend in Washington by Robert Tonner

    Robert Tonner designed his latest Tyler Wentworth ensemble for a week-end of social events in Washington D.C. Tyler's multi-faceted and extensive ensemble allows for numerous dressing possibilities. Limited Edition of 250, available exclusively through Florence & George. 16". SD-120 Learn More

    Regular Price: $275.00

    Special Price $125.00

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