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  1. Tan With Flowered Print Fashion Gown

    Fashionable Flower Print Cotton Gown for the large Lady Doll in your Collection. Generous Lace trim on the collar, cuffs, skirt and top. Double-tier pleated skirt and pleated cuffs. 6 1/2" shoulders and 10" waist. For approximately a 23-24" doll. Learn More

  2. Slate Grey Silk Fashion Ensemble

    Rich Slate Grey Silk Edwardian Style 3 Piece Gown. Intricate embroidered detailing on both the top and skirt. Fitted bodice with tapered waist, the skirt features wide flaring. Sleeveless white silk shirt completes the set with style. 6" shoulders, 7" top length. 10" waist and 13" skirt length. To fit 23''-24'' lady doll. Learn More

  3. Floral Print Gown With Red Trim

    Floral Print Two-Piece Gown with Rich Red Silk Trim. Jacket features square lace-lined collar with lace and silk trimmed sleeves. Skirt has beautiful detailing with multiple layers of pleating and silk trim, finished off with rich red silk pleating at the bottom. 6 " shoulders, 10" waist. For 21 - 23" dolls. Learn More

  4. Pale Rose Silk Fashion Ensemble

    The discreet shaping of the jacket makes it an easier fit yet still elegant on two piece ensemble of pale rose silk. The two roses of pleats at the cuffs are matched by two more rows at the skirt hem. To fit 20''-21'' lady doll. 4 1/2'' shoulders, 11 1/2" waist, 11" skirt length. Learn More

  5. Autumnal-Brown Silk Lady Gown

    Unique Autumnal-Brown Silk Lady Gown, this fabric is rich and vibrant. Features a square neckline with lace trim on the collar, sleeve cuffs and bottom of the gown. Ruched pleating down the length of the dress to the box pleating at the bottom. 6" shoulders and 18" length. Learn More

  6. In the Gibson Girl Mode White Organdy Dress

    Crisp organdy dress for the wasp-waisted ladies of the early 1900s, decorated with three tiers of lace-edged gathers at the skirt bottom, and with further bands of lace at the collar, bodice and cuffs. For lady doll 20”-21”, 3 ½” shoulders. 6 ½” waist. 16” overall length. CP-248. $49. Learn More

  7. Green Silk Fashion Gown 2 Piece

    The rich color of green on the leaves of long stemmed roses is textured with a very delicate interwoven pattern on this intricately constructed gown with ruching gathers and pleats on the skirt and a fitted jacket with pleated flared side. 4" shoulders, 8" waist. For lady dolls 20-22". Learn More

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