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  1. Hiding Spot Teddy Bear by Eduard Cramer

    The Hiding Spot Teddy Bear from the historic German bear factory of Cramer, sports a removable head that allows for a small hiding place for valuables, and when the bear's head is moved he makes a "growling" noise. Fully movable arms and legs, this is a Limited Edition bear, only 200 were ever made. Made of 100% Mohair this bear measures 14" in height. TB-149A Learn More

    Regular Price: $245.00

    Special Price $99.00

  2. Tyler Wentworth's Weekend in Washington by Robert Tonner

    Robert Tonner designed his latest Tyler Wentworth ensemble for a week-end of social events in Washington D.C. Tyler's multi-faceted and extensive ensemble allows for numerous dressing possibilities. Limited Edition of 250, available exclusively through Florence & George. 16". SD-120 Learn More

    Regular Price: $275.00

    Special Price $125.00

  3. Bride Doll by Vogue Doll Company

    A brunette wig highlights that classic Ginny face on this bride doll by Vogue. She wears an elegant white wedding gown complete with tulle veil and floral bouquet. 8''. SD-1233 Learn More

    Regular Price: $70.00

    Special Price $59.00

  4. Kitty Collier Goes First Class by Robert Tonner

    How else would elegant Kitty travel but first class? And how else could she dress but in a couture costume with a signature vintage touch? Kitty Collier's brunette hair is coiffed in an elegant up-swept manner and captured in a fabulous pillbox hat. The ensemble jacket is trimmed in chocolate velvet, and sculpted to the body in a perfect fit accomplished by clever pleats and built-in belting. She also wears a simple cafe-au-lait shell and matching tweed skirt, and the ensemble is accessorized with pearls, hat, pumps, and gloves. The final touch? A "first class" faux-crocodile travel case. 18" SD-124 Learn More

    Regular Price: $199.00

    Special Price $45.00

  5. Just Me, A Porcelain Doll

    Just Me, A Porcelain Doll. When the "Just Me" doll was presented to an adoring public in the late 1920's, she seemed the personification of the American girl, innocent and impish at the same time. Now she has been reissued by the Vogue Company, who first presented that doll near century ago. Of porcelain with glass eyes, jointed at the neck, arms and legs, and with curly fleeced hair, she is wearing a crisp yellow organdy dress and matching bonnet and bloomers. Individually numbered, she comes with a certificate of authenticity. 10". SD-133 Learn More

    Regular Price: $99.00

    Special Price $75.00

  6. The French Bride Paper Doll and Her Trousseau

    The French Bride Paper Doll and Her Trousseau, A Florence & George Exclusive. Psyche, the paper doll, appeared in a French fashion magazine during the mid-1800's. Each season a new series of costumes appeared for the doll, with the unusual feature that the costume showed both front and back. Florence & George has reissued Psyche with 30 different costumes including a wedding gown, presented in a deluxe gift box. 8" doll. SD-163 Learn More

    Regular Price: $89.00

    Special Price $40.00

  7. 1940's Boy & Girl, Made in Germany

    They're not Dick and Jane, but they almost might be. Made in Germany from the original molds, the pair features a 1940's style boy and girl. Of pressed composition and hand-painted. SD-252 Learn More

    Regular Price: $25.00

    Special Price $15.00

  8. Terri Lee Patty Jo Limited Edition

    Collectors know that the Patty Jo model is the rarest vintage Terri Lee model. Created for the Terri Lee firm in 1947 by the black artist Jackie Ormes the doll was made for four years only. Her re-creation is superb! A Florence and George Exclusive. 16". SD-402 < Please note this is a Sale Item and non-refundable. If this item arrives damaged it is the buyer's responsibility to seek remedy by filing a claim with the shipping carrier, F & G will not be responsible for any damage incurred> Learn More

    Regular Price: $250.00

    Special Price $28.00

  9. Sarah By Karen Smith

    Red-haired sweet Sarah is an exclusive piece for Florence & George by Karen Smith. She wears a vibrant red felt dress adorned with a black poodle and checkered wool underwear. 9". SD-406 Learn More

    Regular Price: $165.00

    Special Price $89.00

  10. Tiny Kitty And Trousseau by Robert Tonner

    For those doll enthusiasts who love Robert Tonner’s Kitty Collier dolls, or want to start collecting them, Florence & George presents the latest addition to the Kitty Collier fashion doll line by Robert Tonner, Tiny Kitty. Just like the originals, except 10" instead of 18. She owns two fabulous silk ensembles for evening wear with matching jewelry, shoes, purses and similar accouterments, and she’s made exclusively for Florence & George. SD-440 Learn More

    Regular Price: $175.00

    Special Price $79.00

  11. Columbian Boy Doll By Gail Wilson

    A brother to the Columbian girl with delicately blushed cheeks, stitch-jointed body, striped cotton shirt and blue flannel suspender trousers leather boots. A limited edition of 12 each signed by the artist.SD-470 Learn More

    Regular Price: $299.00

    Special Price $175.00

  12. Hi-Top & Ruffles Raven By Helen Kish

    You'll love this doll at first glance. Highlighting Raven is long flowing straight black mohair, hand-painted facial features, and she wears the most vibrant red floral and polka-dotted ruffled dress with matching black hi-top sneakers. Look further, you'll love her even more because Raven has a wonderfully constructed 13-point articulated body so you can plan and pose however you wish. 14". SD-1109 Learn More

    Regular Price: $225.00

    Special Price $175.00

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