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  1. Sweet Treats, by Wee Forest Folk

    From the renowned Wee Forest Folks firm of Massachusetts comes this statuette of a petite country mouse and her lovable teddy bear friend sharing a plate of sweet sugar cookies. Signed and dated on base. 2''. WF-006 Learn More

  2. Large German Lamb

    These paper mache lambs with fleecy coat have been made in Germany for more than a hundred years. We found a small German firm that is still making them, and we will be so pleased at the quality. Each is decorated with a silk ribbon tie and bell.TY-220 ( 5" long, 6" height, 2" width) Learn More

  3. Chick And Bunny Go To A Party

    Rose mohair bunny with amber glass eyes is posed in an appealing manner that seems to be asking "Can my little yellow chick come to your party, too?" Bunny has a wire armature body with pressed paper cover under his cream flannel jester's costume with fancy buttons and ruffled collar of vintage crepe paper. His matching party hat fits over one of his ears. His red-shoed feet are paper mache and they stand firmly on the wooden self-base that is signed and dated by the American artist, Cody Foster. Learn More

  4. Ferris Wheel by artist Scott Nelles

    The world was introduced to the Ferris Wheel in 1893 in Chicago and 120 years later Scott Nelles commemorated that event with his most audacious work yet. Standing over 2 feet tall (28”) the Majestic Ferris Wheel is constructed entirely of aluminum and bronze and features a functioning hand crank to spin the Ferris wheel. Signed and dated by artist Scott Nelles. Rests on a 15” square base. 28”. Learn More


  5. Rocket Bank with Portholes by artist Scott Nelles

    Just like you saw in those classic Saturday morning serials, the bronze Rocket Banks sit facing up ready to launch into adventure. Featuring a trio of portholes. Signed and dated by artist Scott Nelles. 8”. Learn More

  6. Vega Dreamin by artist Scott Nelles

    The plane has such a stylized and classic design that you visualize the French revolutionary and his wife getting on board for the flight to America. Signed and dated by artist Scott Nelles. 16” wingspan. 4”h. Learn More

  7. Land Speed Racer by artist Scott Nelles

    The perfect Art Deco display piece, the Land Speed Racer recalls the time when race cars were built in equal parts form and function. Signed and dated by artist Scott Nelles. 13 ½”. Learn More

  8. Steam Yacht by artist Scott Nelles

    The aluminum Steam Yacht features bronzed accents including lifeboats, steam stacks, crow’s nest and flags, anchors, and even the captain himself. The yacht rests atop a separate bronze wheel base. Signed and dated by artist Scott Nelles. 16” x 17”. Learn More


  9. Robot Bank by Scott Nelles

    Stepping straight from the serialized comic books of the 30's and 40's, the Robot bank features an aluminum body with 9 points of articulation and bronze head, hands and feet. 12" Learn More

  10. Flying Pig Bank by Scott Nelles

    Judging by this cast-aluminum pig bank's bronze wings, perhaps pigs can fly. But judging by the banks bronze wheels, they might need a running start. 10" Learn More

  11. King Kong Bank by Scott Nelles

    "Twas beauty that killed the beast" and Scott Nelles that immortalized him. A bronze King Kong hangs from an artistically-angled aluminum Empire State Building which has a coin slot cleverly hidden in the back. 15" Learn More

  12. Little Dickens by Debbee Thibault

    By Debbie Thibault. From renowned American paper-mache artist Debbie Thibault comes the Halloween angel, Little Dickens, who wears a traditional seasonal witch's cap and even holds a festive pumpkin face mask so she's ready for any party. Limited Edition signed and numbered on the base. 8". Learn More

Items 13 to 24 of 256 total

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