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  1. Tiny Tree Trimmer, by Allen Cunningham for Bethany Lowe

    Tina the Tiny Tree Trimmer is preparing for the holiday season with a golden tree trimmed with clear beads in this collectible designed by Allen Cunningham for Bethany Lowe. 7''. Learn More

  2. Christmas Carolers Set

    Set of three paper-mache carolers. The set even comes with a paper-mache street lamp and sign reading ''Jingle Dr.'' 10''. HX-169 Learn More

    Regular Price: $75.00

    Special Price $68.00

  3. Best Friends, Paper Mache Santa and Snowman

    Cold weather makes for warm friends as this paper mache Santa and Snowman prove by hugging it out and mugging it up. 12'' x 12''. HX-256. Learn More

    Regular Price: $58.00

    Special Price $49.00

  4. Trio of Belsnickel Assorted Figurals

    A trio of paper-mache Belsnickle figures created in the vintage style. One is deep blue, one light blue and one grey. Each 5 1/2''. HX-274 Learn More

    Regular Price: $35.00

    Special Price $25.00

  5. St. Nicholas Winter Wonderland, A Florence & George exclusive One of a Kind

    This spectacular St. Nicholas one of a kind figure is brought to you exclusively from Florence and George. His royal costume is embellished with 651 semi-precious stones including rare corals, chalcedony, quartz, jasper agate, sepiolite, aquamarine, granite, lazurite, mother of pearl, topazolite, onyx, rubies, and amethyst and more. 16''. OK-233 Learn More

    Regular Price: $5,900.00

    Special Price $4,900.00

  6. Grand Mural Santa, by Ivan and Maruissa

    Handmade by Ivan and Maruissa. An amazing one-of-a-kind art work by the Russian couple (the husband carves and the wife paints) and what an art work it is! Details of the sculpting include a wavy beard and the even more elaborate waves on his fur hat and collar. Details of the painting include ten children frolicking in the snow with dolls, teddy bears, and horses. 19". Learn More

  7. Raggedy Ann & Andy Winter Fun Wooden Dolls

    Raggedy Ann and Andy with Winter Wonderland theme is our nesting set of five graduated size figures. Of carved wood, made in Russia in the centuries old manner, with brilliantly hand-painted designs of Raggedy Ann and Andy frolicking in the snow with a few special friends. Signed by the artists. HX-022. Learn More

    Regular Price: $75.00

    Special Price $49.00

  8. Santa The Patriot

    He may work on Christmas day but he's taking July 4th off. The paper-mache patriotic Santa features not only a red white and blue color scheme but he also holds a pair of flags and a bugle. To say nothing of his whimsical smile! 20''. HO-991 Learn More

    Regular Price: $83.00

    Special Price $49.00

  9. Tranquility Angel

    Inspired by 17th century carved wooden figures, our Tranquility Angel is of paper mache, artistically painted with fine distressed finish, and posed upon a self-base with detachable wings. 24'' with wings. 18'' without wings. Learn More

  10. Snowman Tea Pot

    Doesn't matter how cold and snowy it is outside, in your kitchen it will be warm and festive with this Snowman Teapot. from Apple Tree Designs. 9'' Learn More

  11. Bird Lover Santa, by Alya Dmitrakova

    Featuring a scene of forest winter wildlife cavorting around a wide array of toys including several teddy bears. This piece is hand crafted and signed by the artist 11''. Learn More

  12. Walking Santa, by Alya Dmitrakova

    Features a curved base to simulate Santa walking. Wonderfully detailed hand painted vignettes. Signed by the artist at the base. 11''. Learn More

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