Russian Wood Carving

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  1. Bird Lover Santa, by Alya Dmitrakova

    Featuring a scene of forest winter wildlife cavorting around a wide array of toys including several teddy bears. This piece is hand crafted and signed by the artist 11''. Learn More

  2. Walking Santa, by Alya Dmitrakova

    Features a curved base to simulate Santa walking. Wonderfully detailed hand painted vignettes. Signed by the artist at the base. 11''. Learn More

  3. Grand Mural Santa, by Ivan and Maruissa

    Handmade by Ivan and Maruissa. An amazing one-of-a-kind art work by the Russian couple (the husband carves and the wife paints) and what an art work it is! Details of the sculpting include a wavy beard and the even more elaborate waves on his fur hat and collar. Details of the painting include ten children frolicking in the snow with dolls, teddy bears, and horses. 19". Learn More

  4. St. Nicholas Winter Wonderland, A Florence & George exclusive One of a Kind

    This spectacular St. Nicholas one of a kind figure is brought to you exclusively from Florence and George. His royal costume is embellished with 651 semi-precious stones including rare corals, chalcedony, quartz, jasper agate, sepiolite, aquamarine, granite, lazurite, mother of pearl, topazolite, onyx, rubies, and amethyst and more. 16''. OK-233 Learn More

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    Special Price $4,900.00

  5. Santa and His Big Bag by Alya Dmitrakova

    Adorned with a mural of children at play with teddy bears and rabbits. Signed at the base by Russian artist Alya Dmitrakova 11''. Learn More

  6. Night Before Christmas Wooden Sculpture Set by G. DeBrekht

    Night Before Christmas Wooden Sculpture Set by G. DeBrekht. Three piece set, hand painted by the Russian Artist G. DeBrekht studios. HO-535. $149 Learn More

  7. Santa's Wishlist Artistry On Canvas

    I want a toy rocking horse for Christmas is the wish of the three delighted children seated on Santa's lap in the oil-painted scene that centers his robe. Delighted because Santa holds a toy wooden rocking horse in his hands. The Debrechkt firm has combined traditional Russian wood-carving crafts with oil-painted canvas scenes that are dreftly draped to form Santa's robe, and then edged with fleecy lambswool for a luxurious fur-like effect. 18". Learn More

  8. Santa With Children

    For centuries, skilled artists have been carving and painting St. Nicholas figures in small Russian villages. After all, wood was plentiful, the craft was passed down from generation to generation, and other jobs were scarce. Times are changing, though, and each year it is harder and harder to find examples of this wonderful folk art. Our superb St. Nicholas is carved from one piece of wood, measuring as astonishing 27" circumference, and he is painted with infinite care and skill, with a scene of cheerful faced children decorating the holiday tree on both front and back. Fully signed by the artist. 16"h. Learn More

  9. Holiday Wishes Santa by G. Debrekht

    Adorning the front of the hand-carved wooden Santa is an entirely hand-painted mural of two small children longingly staring in a toy-store's Christmas window display. Signed and numbered on the base by the original Russian artist. 11 '' Learn More

  10. Land of Sweets Santa by G.Debrekht

    The hand-painted mural on the back of this Santa figural depicts a small tear in Santa's backpack (which is itself hand-carved and hand-painted) leaking candy and toys to the children below. The front of Santa also presents a creative mural of Santa with a bag of festive toys near a tree whose branches migrate from Santa's chest to his hand-carved beard. Signed and numbered on the base by the original Russian artist. 12 ". Learn More

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