Holiday Gifts and Decorations

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  1. Retro Looky Chug Chug Train Pull Toy Replica

    Retro Looky Chug Chug Train Pull Toy Replica. Made of wood and tin, this pull toy train will bring back many fond memories. TY-274. $ 35 Learn More

  2. Large German Lamb

    These paper mache lambs with fleecy coat have been made in Germany for more than a hundred years. We found a small German firm that is still making them, and we will be so pleased at the quality. Each is decorated with a silk ribbon tie and bell.TY-220 ( 5" long, 6" height, 2" width) Learn More

  3. Chick And Bunny Go To A Party

    Rose mohair bunny with amber glass eyes is posed in an appealing manner that seems to be asking "Can my little yellow chick come to your party, too?" Bunny has a wire armature body with pressed paper cover under his cream flannel jester's costume with fancy buttons and ruffled collar of vintage crepe paper. His matching party hat fits over one of his ears. His red-shoed feet are paper mache and they stand firmly on the wooden self-base that is signed and dated by the American artist, Cody Foster. Learn More

  4. Bowling Bunnies Parlor Game

    The bowling bunny set includes soft-stuffed kingpin bunny 5 other bunnies to tumble about, and two cabbage-shaped bowling balls. 7". Learn More

  5. Jumping Jack Painter Rabbit

    Designed in a small studio in the German region of Oberammergau and inspired by the centuries old German wooden toy, our all-wooden Jumping Jack Bunny is a perfect and whimsical Easter time toy. Double sided on his back side is a carved basket of colorful eggs the Painter Rabbit is graced with a whimsical smile and vibrant colors. Just pull the string and his legs and arm bounce about and even his ear moves to the beat. TY-151 Learn More

    Regular Price: $49.00

    Special Price $29.00

  6. Santa's Boot Of Toys

    A pre-assembled gift basket, or more appropriately "gift boot", of toys and holiday themed gifts including tiny toys, stuffed animals, toys cars, music boxes, toy soldiers, and miniature Christmas trees. The boot is paper-mache and made by the renowned German firm of Ino Schaller so while you wouldn't want to wear it, it will be highlighting your Christmas decorations for years to come. The height of boot is 12", and overall height varies from 15"-17". TY-133. Learn More

    Regular Price: $265.00

    Special Price $199.00

  7. Hand Winder-Red Christmas Music Box

    Our cylinder-comb red Christmas hand winder music box is simple to operate - just wind the handle at the side of the wooden box. Just like the Victorian original. 2 1/2" Plays O' Christmas Tree.TY-116 Learn More

    Regular Price: $15.00

    Special Price $9.00

  8. Making Music, a Wooden Hand Wound Music Box

    Old fashioned wooden hand wound music box is decorated with a design of an antique Mein Liebling doll and Christmas toys. Turn the handle and music plays. 2 1/2" Plays O' Christmas Tree. TY-115 Learn More

    Regular Price: $15.00

    Special Price $9.00

  9. Harvest Hannah by Jessie Ross

    By Jessie Ross. A classic Americana raggedy-style doll wearing a vintage fabric apron stamped with ''Harvest'' and a vintage key necklace. 15''. Learn More

  10. Hop, a Bunny by Jared Monroe

    Festive Hop brings subtle and muted earth tones as well as a polka-dotted ruffle collar. 7" Learn More

  11. Hal by Jared Monroe

    Patriotic Hal features a vibrant red and white two-toned hair with a blue-starred bowtie. 7" Learn More

  12. Candy Apple Teddy Bear By Jared Monroe

    By Jared Monroe. Christmas is coming, and sooner than you think! Celebrate the holidays with Jared Monroe’s Candy Apple Bear. The fully-jointed bear is of hand-dyed snowy white mohair fur, wearing a festive holiday ribbon, and even comes with an artist-made faux-candy apple. Limited Edition of 15, F&G Exclusive. 9”. TB-613. $140. Learn More

Items 13 to 24 of 619 total

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