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  1. Belsnickle Paper Mache Santa In Gift Box

    You really don’t own enough Santa’s, particularly when they come in as beautiful a gift box as this. The paper-mache Santa has an appliqué felt flannel coat and a bag of toys that are adorned with silver tinsel that perfectly matches the silver glitter covering his box. 9”. GH-173. $65. Learn More

  2. Ivory Belsnickle with Lantern and Basket

    Standing resolutely amid the falling snow, nearly invisible thanks to his overcoat, is this ivory Belsnickle. Holding a lantern and having glittering fur trim, he also has a wicker toy pack including a sled, a bear, a tree and more! 21”. HX-562. Learn More


    Large enough to be the focus of attention, classy enough to deserve it, our grand paper-mache Father Christmas figural features a St. Nicholas along with a young friend who appears to have recently been gifted some candy canes. 19 ½". HX-576. Learn More


    If Belsnickle is going to know which boys and girls are bad and which are good he’s going to need a superior vantage point from which to observe, and where better than the moon? The large paper-mache figural includes a clear plastic loop for hanging. 17”. HX-563. Learn More

  5. Red Flocked Belsnickle

    The sturdy well-crafted Belsnickle you’ve always wanted? He wears a traditional red coat with brown “fur” edging, both of which are flannel fabric with a flocked finish. He holds a candle lantern (which is removable if you prefer to display another cherished family object) and he carries a woven wicker basket with a teddy bear, a doll, and a tree. 21”. HX-553. Learn More

  6. Belsnickle with Icicle Beard

    Yes, the original really did exist, but you can only imagine how rare it was. The original was made in Germany about 1890. In the original model, actual glass icicles were frozen to Santa's beard, and Kathryn Patterson's is exactly the same. He also carries a fir tree. Limited quantity. 11" Learn More

  7. Father Frost, Wooden Ornament by G. DeBrekht

    Beautiful wooden carved ornament with old world design. Father Frost carrying his bag of toys and other goodies. By artist G. DeBrekht 3" Learn More

  8. Ivory Belsnickle with Lantern and Switches

    Standing resolutely amid the falling snow, nearly invisible thanks to his white overcoats, is this ivory Belsnickle. Holding a lantern and switches with glittering fur trim. 12”. HX-564 Learn More


    Simply elegant and elegantly simple, our Belsnickle is of classic paper-mache and is wearing a fur-trimmed coat with glittering snow. 11". HX-606. $29. Learn More

  10. Father Christmas with Presents Galore

    At nearly three feet tall, the Colossal Father Christmas is tall enough to command whatever room of your house you elect to place him in. Father Christmas holds a bottle brush tree, a toy rocking horse and has a dancing Belsnickle hanging from his belt. The basket at his feet features a snow-covered wreath, a doll, a teddy bear, a book and a toy lamb. 33" HX-559 Learn More

  11. Skiing St Nick Wooden Ornament by G. DeBrekht

    Jolly Old St. Nicholas enjoyed handing out presents on the ski slopes this year. Old World designed wooden ornament by G. Debrekht. 3" Learn More

  12. Christmas Grab Bag

    Delving into the archives of the extensive Florence & George warehouses, we have assembled a treasure trove of Christmas themed items for you. Each collection, which could range in number anywhere from twelve to twenty pieces, has a value of over $600 and will come with a Theriault's art quality shopping bag. We can't guarantee you'll get everything you see in this photo, but you will, for sure, receive some and others of at least equal value. HX-665. $199. (a $600 value) HX-665 Learn More

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