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  1. Springtime Greetings Wreath

    A flat wooden door wreath featuring vintage lithographed scenes of children, chicks and bunnies in festive play. 20”. HE-213. Learn More

    Regular Price: $38.00

    Special Price $26.00

  2. Woven Rattan Basket

    This is not your typical candy basket, good for a holiday and then all used up. This basket is for keeps. Very sturdily woven and designed to last for generations, the basket is decorated with delicate Springtime pastels in shades of lavender, teal blue, rose and moss green. From Hancock Baskets of New Hampshire. 5" basket. 13" including handle. Learn More

  3. Gold Birdcage w/ Bird Ornament

    While this beautiful ornament would certainly be a great addition to your Christmas Tree, it is large and detailed enough to serve as a year-round decoration. The top even opens up so you can let the bird out. 5 1/2" GH-310 Learn More

    Regular Price: $12.00

    Special Price $6.00

  4. Springtime Garden Bird's Nest

    A subtle yet natural centerpiece for any Springtime display this pair of faux-birds' nests feature green leafy adornments and are highlighted by faux bird eggs. Set of two. 8" and 5" height. $39. HE-026 Learn More

  5. Retro 1940S-Style Spring Ducklings

    Remember these in the Easter baskets that you waited for each Spring-Time? Ducklings like this were usually perched right on top. Our pair would need a really big basket, or you could use them as centerpiece display. Their glittery bodies have real feather wings, and web feet make posing easy. Their heads are double-sided heavy lithographed card paper with cheerful duckling faces, he with a sailor cap, she with a hair bow. 6"h. HE-054. Learn More

    Regular Price: $28.00

    Special Price $15.00

  6. Chicks in Slipper

    A trio of baby chicks have made this elegant woman's shoe their home in this paper mache vignette. 8". HE-196 Learn More

    Regular Price: $49.00

    Special Price $35.00

  7. Single Steeple Church

    Exquisite detail complete with a bell in the steeple and a roaming lamb at the front door, this Springtime decorated church will be the centerpiece of your Easter village. Made in the same traditional cardboard construction as their Christmas counterparts with a small hole in the back to insert a light. 14". See companion houses HE-204 and HE-200 to complete your Springtime Village. Learn More

  8. Hettie the Bear by Jared Monroe

    With a smile so wide it spreads from side to side, accentuating her felt-backed glass eyes, Hettie has so much to make her happy. She knows that she’s special. After all, how many pale yellow and grey teddies have you seen? Her cotton skirt matches the color of her hand-dyed 100% mohair coat, and airbrushed details add a special touch. 10”. TB-597. $165. Learn More

  9. Wee Tweet Trio by Wee Forest Folk

    Hopefully this little mouse isn’t about to conduct Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture because I don’t think he’s going to get the impact that the piece is known for with just those three small chicks. 2”. WF-110. $145. Learn More

  10. Zoe's Little Chick

    A trio of little chicks hop and jump all around Zoe and have even knocked off her straw sun cap 5" HE-197 Learn More

    Regular Price: $29.00

    Special Price $17.00

  11. Baby's First Easter

    A pair of small lambs hold a tete - a- tete with a toddler in a crib in this paper mache figural 5" HE-194 Learn More

    Regular Price: $49.00

    Special Price $30.00

  12. Lamb Hugs

    Lambs may not bring Easter eggs, but they really enjoy hugs, even if you're in the middle of searching for eggs yourself. 7 1/2 " HE-193 Learn More

    Regular Price: $42.00

    Special Price $25.00

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