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  1. Harvest Hannah by Jessie Ross

    By Jessie Ross. A classic Americana raggedy-style doll wearing a vintage fabric apron stamped with ''Harvest'' and a vintage key necklace. 15''. Learn More

  2. Ribbit, by Heidi Steiner

    Ribbit is fit to jump from these pages and into your heart with his green mohair covered slender body with over sized frog feet. Ribbit also holds a Halloween wand and owns a Halloween party hat (not shown) to match his scarf. Learn More

  3. Pumpkin Head by Deb Canham

    From the artists 10th Anniversary celebration miniature series, inspired by the Oz stories, Pumpkin Head is riding his trusty brown velvet Sawhorse. Pumpkin Head has an orange velvet pumpkin head with black applique features and green stem. 4" Pumpkin Head, 6" seated on horse. Learn More

  4. Wicked Witch of the East by Madame Alexander

    Though in the original story we see no more of the Wicked Witch of East then her shoes and quickly curling socks, Alexander has made an excellent “guess” as to what her costume could look like. The witch wears an elegant purple taffeta dress with a vibrant red hat and matching red tulle accentuating the skirt. The basic doll is Cissette. 10". SD-950 Learn More

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  5. Halloween Ginny by Vogue

    Its no trick shes a treat. The 8" Vogue Ginny is ready for Halloween in her plushy orange pull-over decorated with a black Jack O'Lantern face. She even has her own little pumpkin candy bag. Learn More

  6. Orabelle by Jessie Ross

    By American doll artist Jessie Ross. The pumpkin-headed Orabelle wears a green cotton dress with a matching checkered green smock over her huggable rag doll body. Entirely hand-made and hand-painted by Jessie Ross.(Please Note: These are hand-made and unique, fabric and colors may vary slightly from picture) 20". SD-1236 Learn More

  7. Gourd Girl, A Paper Mache Doll

    In the classic manner of WPA artists, the paper mache gourd girl combines the look of classic American sculptors with the more contemporary appeal of Halloween design. 14''. Learn More

  8. Halloween Witch Milliner's Model

    Combining the classic form of an antique milliner's model with the quirky design of Gothic Halloween makes the Halloween Witch a must have for antique and Halloween enthusiasts. Paper mache and wood. A grand 19". HW-073 Learn More

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