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  1. Pink Piglet Candy Container

    Made from the original 19th-century molds is our adorable piglet candy container. Appealingly sized at 4” H., the paper mache pink piglet features a removable head for access to the hollow candy container torso. He also has a painted curled tail and brown hooves. Learn More

  2. Funny Bunny Candy Container

    His friends say he has a big head, and he does. Our German paper mache bunny is a sporty kind of guy, with an amusingly over-sized head and wondrous googly eyes. He’s even a snappy dresser in his red and yellow suit and big blue tie. Remove his head for access to the hollow candy container torso. Signed by the maker. 8” H. Learn More

    Regular Price: $57.00

    Special Price $49.00

  3. The Nodding St Nick Candy Container

    It's all in the details. Just count the rarity points in this fabulous paper mache Santa. There's the nodding head. There's the rare brown costume. There are his side pockets bursting with dolls and toys. There are his outstretched hands. And there's the candy container base. The 1890 original is valued at $8500. You can own Kathryn Patterson's for much less. Limited quantity. 18". HO-301. $975 Learn More

  4. Kathy Patterson's Halloween Girl, A Florence & George Exclusive

    If ever a witch there was, this is the finest you’ll find. A loving homage to the authentic antique candy containers of 19th century, entirely hand-made by renowned Canadian artist Kathy Patterson, exclusively for Florence & George. A bisque glass-eyed doll with bisque arms and legs sits atop a pumpkin and awaits Halloween with her small trick-or-treat basket and cat stick-puppet. The pumpkin lid removes for candy storage. The candy container is signed by the artist and dated on the bottom. 7". HO-319. $495. Learn More

  5. Antique Style Candy Cones Set of 2

    These dandy tin candy cone containers will hold more candy than you can imagine. Maybe that’s why they have a hanging loop at the top. They’re decorated with gilt edging and die-cut figurals. You might use as a candy container, but they would be great with a spray of autumn dried flowers or holiday greenery. Set of two. 12". HO-457 Learn More

    Regular Price: $35.00

    Special Price $25.00

  6. Girl In Shoe Candy Container

    Inspired by 1920 era candy containers, each of these possesses a cherubic bisque head with a body designed to be used as a candy container. One little girl sits inside a baby slipper; just remove the head for access to the candy interior. 5". HO-680. $38 Learn More

  7. Party Bunny Candy Container

    The overwhelming size of the paper-mache Party Bunny Candy Container allows it not only to hold more candy then any of your party guests could hope to eat but also makes it a striking visual for your home sure to draw everyone's attention. 18" height, 11" width. HE-169 Learn More

  8. Hoppy Lady Candy Container

    The talented American artist designed our pair of paper-mache bunny people with the delightful attention to whimsical detail found in all his work. Their special secret? The bunnies are designed with hidden interior compartment for use as a candy container! 7" Learn More

  9. Sitting Up Pig Candy Container

    From the classic German molds comes this paper mache candy container of a whimsically pleasant porker. 4.5". BC-110. $29 Learn More

  10. Vintage Style Candy Container Bunny Pair

    Set of two paper-mache bunny candy containers with removable heads, each has a different pose. 4" & 5". HE-033. $35. Learn More

  11. Nanny Bunny Candy Container

    Nanny Bunny Candy Container By Allen Cunningham What child wouldn't love to have a bunny as her nanny? Certainly not this little girl who dons a set of bunny ears just so striped-stocking Nanny bunny won't feel well different somehow. Each is entirely handmade by American artist Allen Cunningham, with superb painting of features on the paper mache heads, and wearing cotton costumes. They pose on a grassy-lid box that opens to serve as a candy container. Exclusive for Florence & George. 8.5" HE-077. $249 Learn More

  12. Green Glass Rabbit Candy Container

    Glass candy container bunnies just like your grandmother used to open to dispense the candy only she would give you. Green Bunny. 3 ½''. HE-097. $9 Learn More

Items 1 to 12 of 29 total

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