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  1. Franklin Fox By Jare Hares

    He's one foxy fellow with those heavy lidded glass eyes and oh-so-innocent smile. A felicitous blend of three colors of mohair with cropped effect for an aged look meant more craftsmanship by the artist, but a wonderful creature for your collection. Franklin's over-sized feet allow him to stand freely, and his long swishy tail is weighted to aid in freestanding. Learn More

  2. Spicy Punkin' Bear by Jane Monroe

    By Jane Monroe. Among the finer points of Jane Monroe’s entirely hand-made “Spicy Punkin” are the hand-dyed two-toned mohair covering his fully-jointed body as well as his soft but warm wool paw pads. He even comes with his own handmade vintage-style pumpkin. 20” TB-502 Learn More

  3. Mango Jerry The Mouse

    Jerry is resting comfortably inside his red mohair mango (also entirely hand-made by the Finholds) which has a single opening for him to stick his head out. Jerry himself is a sparsely covered brown mohair mouse with a stitched nose, small glass shoe button eyes, and wearing an orange felt scarf. 5". Learn More

  4. Edward Pilz By Finhold Gallery

    Whether seeking cover from a shining midday sun or an early morning drizzle, Eduard Pilz is resting happily beneath his own felt mushroom. Eduard Pilz, the large felt mushroom, and the mossy patch upon which they both sit are all entirely hand made by German artists Jack and Marion Finhold. Eduard is further highlighted by the finest mohair fur, and a wool felt green cape with matching orange and green polka- dotted fruit shaped hat. 6". Learn More

  5. Spotty Boy by Cindy McGuire

    Why the long face Spotty Boy? You're entirely hand-made of the finest mohair by renowned American artist Cindy McGuire, and you're even fully-jointed, including a swivel neck. 13''. Learn More

  6. Miniature Bunny Riding A Carrot by Deb Canham

    Some bunnies choose to eat carrots, but this one chooses to ride his in a whimsical interpretation by award winning artist Deb Canham. The mohair brown bunny has a swivel head and jointed limbs so you can pose as you like, and the felt-lined ears are held up by an internal armature. 4 1/2". Learn More

  7. Zeke, a Teddy Bear By Limerick Bears

    The slightly less-large but no less-lovable, Alumni wears a child’s vintage dark blue knit swimsuit with white trim and is ready to build a castle with his vintage tin beach pail at hand. Atop his head Zack wears a hat. 28”. TB-484. $850. Learn More

  8. Dainty Della Dewdrop, a Florence & George Exclusive

    Dainty as a dewdrop, Della is entirely handmade of wool felt. Della is accentuated with rosy blushed cheeks and vibrant blue glass eyes. She wears a wool-felt baby blue skirt with blue felt buttons, felt red shoes and a matching red felt umbrella. Della is a limited edition of 20 and each is signed, numbered, dated, and completely handmade by artist Jody Battaglia. 6". Learn More

  9. Pork Chop The Panda by Cindy Kalnow

    Pork Chops deep grey glass eyes are a perfect match for the various muted grey and red colors of his body. Entirely hand-embroidered by teddy bear artist Cindy Kalnow, Pork Chop also possesses a beaded felt collar and a little felt nose. Learn More

  10. Chanticleer, Handmade By Karen Meer

    Utilizing an antique bisque doll head for the human face, Karen Meer presents a Chanticleer inspired by the original fantasy figure, but at the same time far surpassing it. The Chanticleer is covered in golden brown German mohair and has wool-felt feet and two-toned felt wings and tail. We have only six, each with antique head. A proud 18", as Chanticleer should be. Learn More

  11. Cornella by Jared Monroe

    This vegetable bunny is all ears! Cornella has a bright yellow body with green head and ears from which have sprouted long silky corn hairs. Made by artist Jared Monroe, produced of the finest mohair, and designed to stand free of assistance. Signed and dated by the artist. 14". Learn More

  12. Carrotina by Jared Monroe

    With a bright orange body and a green head and ears, Carrotina, a rabbit by renowned bear artist Jared Monroe, is adorned with thin felt leaves. You'll be glad you don't have to go digging for one. Learn More

Items 37 to 48 of 143 total

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