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  1. Spotty Boy by Cindy McGuire

    Why the long face Spotty Boy? You're entirely hand-made of the finest mohair by renowned American artist Cindy McGuire, and you're even fully-jointed, including a swivel neck. 13''. Learn More

  2. Osco the Elephant, A Florence & George Exclusive

    American teddy bear artist, Cindy McGuire, presents Osco, an elephant with a circus motif. Osco's body is covered with a curly golden mohair decorated with clownish red dots and he wears a matching clowns hat with red, yellow, and black trim. Osco's swivel head is a delicately sculpted elephant masterpiece with shoe button black eyes. Produced in a limited edition of 12 exclusively for Florence & George. 11". TB-428 Learn More

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  3. Boo Who By Cindy Mcguire

    With inspiration drawn from antique dolls and toys, Cindy McGuire has a stellar reputation as a teddy bear artist with a special feel for vintage appearance. Boo-Who is a classic petite teddy bear with a black and orange appearance and a Cindy McGuire trademark over-sized head. Boo-Who, a Florence & George exclusive in a limited edition of six, is presented in an ornamental cone with Halloween-themed decorations. 5 1/2" bear. Learn More

  4. Snowball Teddy By Cindy Mcguire

    Cindy McGuire's winter-themed Snowball Teddy is made of curly brown mohair with glass eyes, embroidered nose tip, a cuddly snow-crusted pom-pom scarf around his neck, and is holding carrot-nosed snowball that he hides inside a tinsel decorated bucket. Fully signed and numbered by the artist, limited to six. Learn More

  5. Cotton Eyed Joe By China Cupboard Bears

    The old folk song talked about Joe who took a cotton to other fellows girls. Cindy McGuire, noted American bear artist has borrowed the catchy name and made a bear that fits the description. Cotton-Eyed Joe is a perfect addition to your fall-themed decorations as he holds a "fresh-picked" pumpkin from the local harvest. 17" TB-356 Learn More

  6. Bewitched Bear an Artist Collaboration (Heidi Steiner, Linda Fullmer and Cindy McGuire)

    Bewitched is an artistic collaboration between renowned American bear artist Heidi Steiner and up-and-coming bear artists Linda Fulmer and Cindy McGuire. Highlighting the trio is a large mohair teddy bear by Cindy McGuire, himself named Bewitched, with a classic jointed design and an innovative two-toned color scheme which consists of red coverings and yellow mohair blend into faded orange appearance. Bewitched pulls Scat, a mohair toy cat with orange stitched nose, made by Heidi Steiner on a wooden wheeled base. And riding atop Scat is a petite yellow mohair teddy bear named Booky, made by Linda Fulmer, which possess a heavy fully-jointed body with black shoe-button eyes. Each piece is signed by the artist. An extremely limited edition of four, 19" Bewitched, 10" Scat, 8" Booky. TB-282. $595 Learn More

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  7. Raspberry Bear By Cindy Mcguire

    A perfect example of the talent of upcoming American teddy bear artist Cindy McGuire, Raspberry is a petite purple mohair teddy bear with a tiny body and endearing slightly over-sized head. His purple mohair is accentuated by an unusual red canvas hide and he has glass eyes and red and black buttons. Raspberry is presented in a grocer’s vintage fruit box. Limited Edition of 20. 6". Learn More

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