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  1. Teddy Bear Candy Bag with Tiny Teddy by Deb Canham

    When you eat the candy to the bottom of the vintage-style die-cut bag that features 4 double-sided teddies you'll find another surprise. A tiny fully articulated teddy ''Edward'' made by Deb Canham. Bag 6'' Teddy 1 1/2''. Learn More

  2. Dollhouse Proud Golly by Deb Canham

    The rotund fully-jointed golliwog, Proud Golly wears red pants, yellow bow-tie, and blue suit coat. Made by renowned artist Deb Canham. 2" Learn More

  3. Checkers Golly Wog By Deb Canham

    The fully-jointed Golliwog by Deb Canham Checkers wears, of course, checkered black-and-white pants with a red felt jacket. Learn More

  4. Farmer Brown a Stuffed Bear by Deb Canham

    Get Framer Brown before your friends do or you’ll be green with envy. The Father Brown bear rides a black-and-white cow toy. 3”. TB-436. $42. Learn More

    Regular Price: $42.00

    Special Price $39.00

  5. Moo Moo By Deb Canham

    A cow with a huge smile and a black-and-white two-toned felt body, exquisitely crafted by artist Deb Canham. Learn More

  6. Timothy Mouse By Deb Canham

    For a teddy bear artist, Deb Canham is perhaps best known for her trademark mice, and you can clearly see why. Timothy wears a charming blue shirt with white cuffs and collar and features a long curly tail that helps position him upright. Learn More

  7. Rooster with Teddy Bear by Deb Canham

    When do you ever see a Rooster carrying a bear? Well, when the Bear is doing the duty of carrying precious cargo, a golden egg.3 1/2" By artist Deb Canham. TY-398 Learn More

    Regular Price: $49.00

    Special Price $30.00

  8. Belle by Deb Canham

    You'll be waiting for Belle with bells on. Belle is a fully-jointed all-black bear wearing a red checkered cotton dress with a black applique heart by artist Deb Canham. 3". Learn More

  9. Wallace, A Teddy Bear by Deb Canham

    Wallace is a tan wool-felt teddy bear with all jointed limbs clutching his own toy calico horse. His special signature is a small star-patterned patch-work applique on his heart and another on his foot. 3 1/2". Learn More

  10. Oh So Handsome Bear By Deb Canham

    From Deb Canham, the teddy bear artist who proves that size doesn't matter, comes the most appropriately-named teddy bear of the catalogue, Oh, So Handsome. The diminutive fully-jointed gentleman, or gentlebear, comes with a fashionable top hat and a formal bowtie in a causal polka-dotted pattern. 5" with top hat. TB-291. $75. Learn More

  11. Ping The Penguin by Deb Canham

    Designed by Deb Canham, Ping is a delightfully quaint 1 1/2'' penguin of soft black and white with orange beak and feet. He is dressed to impress with a subtle yet charming red neck ribbon.TB-439 Learn More

    Regular Price: $83.00

    Special Price $15.00

  12. Dollhouse Mister Mouse by Deb Canham

    The dollhouse sized Mister Mouse by Deb Canham is fully-jointed with grey mohair Mister Mouse wears a pink bow-tie. 2" Learn More

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