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  1. Christmas Teddy Bear Badge By Karen Meer

    Highlighting our exclusive bear badge from renowned American artist Karen Meer is a 5" two-toned, hand-dyed, fully-jointed mohair bear with ruffled collar. He holds a toy jester doll and is attached to a silk ribbon decorated by a tiny sled, and wreath-shaped badge with an image of Santa and the word's "Santa"s Little Helper". This will be your favorite holiday jewelry; and, in between seasons, your favorite big bear will happily wear the badge. Signed and dated by the artist. 5" bear. 11" overall. TB-620 Learn More

  2. Isabelle By Karen Meer

    Back about 1920 German doll and teddy bear makers came up with the novel idea of combining the teddy bear and the doll. But children must have played with their teddy bear dolls so much that few have survived. Florence & George has located a stock of antique doll heads, made of modeled celluloid just like the originals, and commissioned artist Karen Meer to create teddy bear style bodies for them. She has done just that to a fabulous result. having a huggable bear body with 100% German mohair coats trimmed with antique brass buttons and fine wool felt hands and feet. 14". Learn More

  3. Mr. Franklin Cloth Doll, by Karen Meer

    Our fellow, Mr. Franklin, is Stars and Stripes through and through. Celebrate the 225th birthday of America with this American cloth doll by Wisconsin artist, Karen Meer. He’s fully-jointed, including a swivel head with shoe-button eyes and fleecy hair. His body has a sewn-on faded but patriotic red, white and blue flag-patterned suit, with paper-folded hat and numerous American flag-themed accessories. You’ll salute his quality right down to the final touch of little brass star-shaped shoe buckles. 16” H. Learn More

  4. Jasper, Old Time Baseball Bear by Karen Meer

    Jasper, the Old Time Baseball Bear A Florence & George Exclusive. Jasper will be too busy stealing your heart to worry about stealing any bases. The 20" bear, designed by renowned Wisconsin artist Karen Meer, is constructed of rusty-gold mohair with brown leather paws and antique shoe-button eyes. He wears a red wool felt baseball cap and a striped vest from the “Teddy Bear” league all-stars. He even has his own vintage baseball bat. The exclusive edition is limited to 24 so order quickly. TB-100. Learn More

  5. Mizz Nightingale By Karen Meer

    You won’t consider it bad luck if you’re fortunate enough to have this black cat cross your path. Mizz Nightingale, is a mohair black cat dressed as a Halloween witch and aged in the distinctive Karen Meer manner including bleached black eyes, stained and sparse whisker-hairs, a faded neck-ruffle and witch’s hat and brindled-black fur. 18". TB-244. $495. Learn More

  6. Summer Scarlett, a Teddy Bear By Karen Meer

    Summer months, sitting on the beach. Sand and sunshine. But don’t fall asleep or you’ll wake up a bright red color like Scarlett. Of vibrant red mohair, accentuated by black shoe button eyes with a matching stitched nose and dark brown leather pads, Scarlett’s beach attire includes a vintage style red and black knit swimsuit with intentionally mismatched wooden buttons.Scarlett is entirely hand-made by renowned teddy bear artist Karen Meer. 13" $395. TB-268 (Note: The bear does not come with the pail and shovel shown in the picture) Learn More

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  7. Chanticleer, Handmade By Karen Meer

    Utilizing an antique bisque doll head for the human face, Karen Meer presents a Chanticleer inspired by the original fantasy figure, but at the same time far surpassing it. The Chanticleer is covered in golden brown German mohair and has wool-felt feet and two-toned felt wings and tail. We have only six, each with antique head. A proud 18", as Chanticleer should be. Learn More

  8. Sadie Miniature Black Mohair Cat, by Karen Meer

    Handmade by American artist Karen Meer exclusively for Florence & George. Only six petite Sadie dolls dressied as a black cat are available. Sadie has a bisque head with glass eyes, while her body is made entirely of curly black mohair with felt ear linings and paw pads. 6" Height Learn More

  9. Poker Face Teddy Bear by Karen Meer

    He wears a white shirt with lavish velvet vest, but don’t worry because there is nothing up his sleeve but the same dark gold mohair that covers that rest of his body. This one-of-a-kind bear by Karen Meer may be dressed as a gambling bear, but from a collecting stand-point he’s a sure bet. Among his accessories are: • Vintage Dealer-style black hat • Vintage playing cards and dice • Vintage leather coin purse • Four antique photos of lady friends and family 24 1/2”. TB-516. $1250. Learn More

  10. A Teddy Bear Doll Muff by Karen Meer

    A replica of the antique original winter muff in a petite size just right for costuming dolls 30" or larger features an antique doll head and a rich red mohair body (with snuggly hollow torso for keeping little hands warm) and elf shaped hood of fine German mohair. Silk woven strap and ruffled collar add a great touch. 9"1. Learn More

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