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  1. Candy Apple Teddy Bear By Jared Monroe

    By Jared Monroe. Christmas is coming, and sooner than you think! Celebrate the holidays with Jared Monroe’s Candy Apple Bear. The fully-jointed bear is of hand-dyed snowy white mohair fur, wearing a festive holiday ribbon, and even comes with an artist-made faux-candy apple. Limited Edition of 15, F&G Exclusive. 9”. TB-613. $140. Learn More

  2. Green Scarf Snow Bear

    With fine mohair head and arms in the classic jointed style, this snow bear has a wool felt snow-body and wears a wool flannel scarf. 8". TB-584. $59 Learn More

    Regular Price: $65.00

    Special Price $59.00

  3. Red Scarf Snow Bear by American artist Darlene Allen

    Darlene Allen cites children's book illustrators as inspirations for her work, and this adorably lovable pair of snow-bears show that she has chosen well. The snow-bears, with fine mohair heads and arms in the classic jointed style, have wool felt snow-bodies and wear wool flannel scarves. 7" each. Red Scarf. TB-583. $65. Learn More

  4. Herold The Xmas Elf, by Heidi Steiner

    Handmade by renowned American teddy bear artist, Heidi Steiner. Santa's Little Helper has an impish wool felt face that features black shoe button eyes, and a center seam that runs right along his nose. Little Helper also has a two-toned German mohair body in classic Christmas red and green and elongated elfin ears made of the same brown wool felt as the face. 15". Learn More

    Regular Price: $345.00

    Special Price $195.00

  5. Basil In The Boot a Bear by Karen Meer

    This Christmas you’ll care less about what’s in your stocking then what’s in your boot. Basil, handmade by Wisconsin artist Karen Meer, is a curry-yellow mohair teddy bear with shoe button eyes, red wool felt paw pads and wearing a hand knitted green scarf with fringe and a red wool cap with white mohair trim and vintage holly leaf trim. When you’re not hugging Basil, he has his own home, too. He rests, patiently waiting for your return, inside in a snow-glittered paper-mache boot trimmed in fluffy red mohair. We have only 1. 13" bear. TB-381. $465. Learn More

  6. Snow Bear

    The German-made curly mohair teddy with amber glass eyes, jointed neck and limbs, and a fierce but friendly growler. 14''. Learn More

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