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  1. Sweetie Pie The Pumpkin Witch By Jody Battaglia

    Have you ever seen a carved pumpkin with as great a smile as Sweetie Pie's? This wool felt character is entirely hand-made by renowned American artist Jody Battaglia and is produced in an extremely limited edition of just 6, exclusively for Florence and George. 8" Learn More

  2. Gordo a Bear By Heidi Steiner

    We’re sure you’ll "fall" for Gordo. His warm rustic color scheme of soft browns and oranges will instantly remind you of youthful days of raking leaves and drinking cider. Gordo has perhaps the most endearing face ever for a Heidi Steiner bear, and that’s saying quite a bit. He carries a paper-mache smiling gourd parade-puppet. 19". TB-223. $395. Learn More

  3. Mizz Nightingale By Karen Meer

    You won’t consider it bad luck if you’re fortunate enough to have this black cat cross your path. Mizz Nightingale, is a mohair black cat dressed as a Halloween witch and aged in the distinctive Karen Meer manner including bleached black eyes, stained and sparse whisker-hairs, a faded neck-ruffle and witch’s hat and brindled-black fur. 18". TB-244. $495. Learn More

  4. Bewitched Bear an Artist Collaboration (Heidi Steiner, Linda Fullmer and Cindy McGuire)

    Bewitched is an artistic collaboration between renowned American bear artist Heidi Steiner and up-and-coming bear artists Linda Fulmer and Cindy McGuire. Highlighting the trio is a large mohair teddy bear by Cindy McGuire, himself named Bewitched, with a classic jointed design and an innovative two-toned color scheme which consists of red coverings and yellow mohair blend into faded orange appearance. Bewitched pulls Scat, a mohair toy cat with orange stitched nose, made by Heidi Steiner on a wooden wheeled base. And riding atop Scat is a petite yellow mohair teddy bear named Booky, made by Linda Fulmer, which possess a heavy fully-jointed body with black shoe-button eyes. Each piece is signed by the artist. An extremely limited edition of four, 19" Bewitched, 10" Scat, 8" Booky. TB-282. $595 Learn More

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  5. Boris Bear By Heidi Steiner

    Boris likes to pretend he’s scary, but he can’t avoid the fact that he was made by American teddy bear artist Heidi Steiner, and like all her bears, Boris was made to hug. A grand teddy bear in the Heidi Steiner tradition, the 22" black mohair Boris carries a comical paper mache’ skull stick and wears a festive hat. Just how many imaginative touches can one teddy bear have? Boris has a dandy, bright red, embroidered nose, and orange wool-felt around his glass eyes that matches the orange wool-felt paw pads. 22". TB-374. $395. Learn More

  6. Pumpkin Humpty, by Deb Canham

    He will sit on a wall, or a shelf, or perhaps a mantle, but since hes made of wool felt there is little fear of him breaking if he falls. Deb Canham, the well-known miniature teddy bear artist, adorns Humpty Pumpkin with felt applique facial features and a festive outfit to keep all the kings horses and all the kings men cheery this autumn. 4". Learn More

  7. Pumpkin Head by Deb Canham

    From the artists 10th Anniversary celebration miniature series, inspired by the Oz stories, Pumpkin Head is riding his trusty brown velvet Sawhorse. Pumpkin Head has an orange velvet pumpkin head with black applique features and green stem. 4" Pumpkin Head, 6" seated on horse. Learn More

  8. Pumpkin Cat, by Deb Canham

    The vivid imagination of this talented artist is matched by her exceptional skill. The Good Witch is a brown mohair teddy with aqua mohair torso, purple embroidered nose, purple felt hat and she holds a suede jack o' lantern. She is riding a black cat to add to the seasonal charm. 4" bear, 6" seated on cat. Learn More

  9. Percy Penguin, by Deb Canham

    Perhaps the best-dressed bear Deb Canham has ever created, Percy the bear wears a two-toned black and white penguin tuxedo complete with tails on the back and buttons on the front. 4". Learn More

  10. Ribbit, by Heidi Steiner

    Ribbit is fit to jump from these pages and into your heart with his green mohair covered slender body with over sized frog feet. Ribbit also holds a Halloween wand and owns a Halloween party hat (not shown) to match his scarf. Learn More

  11. Scat Cat a Teddy Bear By Jared Monroe

    You may not think of cats as smiling, but Jared Monroe is sure to change your opinion. The fully-jointed mohair cat features a deep blue torso and limbs, and a cream-colored head with matching paw pads. Scat’s two-toned long tail even has extra beading at the tip to make it hang in a natural cat-like fashion. Signed and dated by the artist. 10”. TB-458. $275. Learn More

  12. Kitso Catso and her Halloween Pup, Stuffed Animals Handmade by Jacqueline Wright

    Her eyes are so big and frightened she looks like a black cat just crossed her path. Wait, she is a black cat herself! But Kitso Catso, designed and handmade by American artist Jacqueline Wright of Animal Crackers, in custom scruffy mohair must have her roles mixed, because she’s dressed to go trick or treating, with her trusty pumpkin colored pup at her side and her pumpkin lantern in hand. Both have big scary glass googly eyes, and Kitso Katso has tiny bead teeth, long whiskers, and wool felt feet and mittens. Made for Florence and George, only 2 sets available. 14" cat. 7" dog. TB-554. $349 the set. Learn More

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