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  1. Retro Ding-Dong Duckey Pull-Toy

    Made of wood with painted red metal wheels and colorful lithographed paper details Ducky has an open back for storage of little treats or to display little dolls taking a ride while a larger doll pulls Ducky along. 10". Learn More

  2. Retro Bunny Pull-Toy

    Featuring a small wicker basket the retro pull-toy is a lithographed Americana bunny image over a hard wood form resting atop a metal pull-toy base. 10''. Learn More

  3. Retro Circus Elephant Pull Toy

    Not quite the greatest show on earth, but this Retro Tin Circus Elephant toy is sure to bring back great memories. 10" x 10". HE-023. $39 Learn More

  4. Nodder Bunny Pull Toy

    Made in Germany by the firm who made them 80 years ago, the German pull-toy bunny is produced exactly like the original. The glass-eyed paper mache bunny nods his head to and fro as you pull the toy along the floor on its wooden base with metal-spoke wheels. A wicker basket holds candies or springtime flowers. The toy is even signed by the German artist on the base. 9” H. HO-248 Learn More

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    Special Price $29.00

  5. Pull Toy Uncle Sam by Allen Cunningham

    By Allen Cunningham. Perched atop a wheeled base the paper-mache Uncle Sam wears a traditional stars-and-stripes top hat and even holds a matching shield. 8''. Learn More

  6. Pull-String Dancing Figures

    Set of six old-store-stock pull-string dancing figures are paper-lithographed over wood and presented on their original card, and in their original box. Set of six different characters include a devil and a clown. Simply pull the string and watch them dance. Learn More

  7. Folk Art Cloth Pull-Toy Lamb by Gail Wilson

    Dearly beloved cloth animals made of coarsely woven homespun with an aged worn look are inspired by a collection of antique folk animals owned by the artist. On wooden wheeled platform with tiny glass eyes antique bell. 8''L. TY-167 Learn More

    Regular Price: $98.00

    Special Price $85.00

  8. Retro Looky Chug Chug Train Pull Toy Replica

    Retro Looky Chug Chug Train Pull Toy Replica. Made of wood and tin, this pull toy train will bring back many fond memories. TY-274. $ 35 Learn More

  9. Tuxedo Penguin Jumping Toy

    Using the original German factory molds, the Reichenweis firm has faithfully recreated the beloved 18th and 19th century jumping jacks toys for which the Oberammergau region has become known. Each jumping jack is hand-carved and hand-painted on both sides, with hinged arms and legs. Pull the string and watch them tirelessly dance. TY-160 Learn More

    Regular Price: $45.00

    Special Price $29.00

  10. Pull Wagon with Letter Blocks

    UNCLE GOOSE WOODEN BLOCKS—HANDCRAFTED IN AMERICA Wooden blocks don’t seem like they should be items that come in “high” quality. It’s just a square block of wood, right? It’s not even that intricately carved, right? Well, wrong. Uncle Goose Blocks of Michigan not only shows that the quality of wooden blocks can indeed be incredibly high, but also that the prices aren’t. Every single wooden block is 100% hand-crafted in Grand Rapids, Michigan from environmentally considerate fast-growing basswood and painted with non-toxic child-safe inks. A child's simple wooden pull-wagon that’s perfectly designed to hold any set of 28 Uncle Goose blocks. But to make your life easier this wagon even comes with its own set of 28 uppercase letter blocks. 14” x 8 ½” cart. TY-466. $59. Learn More

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