Ferris Wheel by artist Scott Nelles

The world was introduced to the Ferris Wheel in 1893 in Chicago and 120 years later Scott Nelles commemorated that event with his most audacious work yet. Standing over 2 feet tall (28”) the Majestic Ferris Wheel is constructed entirely of aluminum and bronze and features a functioning hand crank to spin the Ferris wheel. Signed and dated by artist Scott Nelles. Rests on a 15” square base. 28”.

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For Scott Nelles, the journey to artistry began in the 1970's when he took work in a small privately-owned foundry in the Pacific Northwest. Days spent boiling over industrial fires were followed by evenings simmering in a basement workshop. Time and devotion forged the artist that Scott Nelles became. Each bronze and aluminum sculpture is cast in a mold hand-sculpted by Nelles and then sandblasted and polished to a rich lustrous finish. Each is signed and dated by the artist.


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