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  1. Music Box Record Player

    Comes with five double-sided ''records'' which when placed upon the turn-table top play the music-box version of ten timeless classics including ''Clair de Lune'' and ''Twinkle Twinkle Little Star''. 8''. Learn More

  2. Dancing Clown Eternal Love Music Box

    Unique Music Box with nostalgic dancing clown. A perfect gift for a loved one or when you want to reminisce about your true Eternal Love. Plays the song "Feelings" when wound. 5 3/4" height. Learn More

  3. Powder Blue Cameo Music Box

    Swarovski crystals decorate the fine cameo profile that centers the powder blue music box. Lift the lid to reveal velvet lining and a winding knob for the rich quality music box. 3''l. GH-320 Learn More


    The heart-shaped music box in old rose is decorated with a cameo profile decorated with Swarovski crystals and richly-gilded sculptured designs. Inside is velvet lining and the winding knob for fine music box hidden inside the lid. 3 1/2 " GH-321 Learn More

  5. Musical Merry-Go-Round Double Egg

    The Ivory colored enameled double egg plays delightful music and the figures within twirl around in the classic manner. 9". Learn More

  6. The Carousel Musical Presentation Egg

    Hours of sweet reverie will belong to whoever owns this beautiful musical revolving egg. Decorated with overlay gilded ornaments highlighted with sparkling faux-jewels and topped by a faux-diamond crown. The four sparkling carousel horses revolve around and around, while The Carousel Waltz plays. The egg rests upon a fancy gilded metal pedestal. 6". Learn More

  7. Regency, a Music Box Presentation Egg

    The Regency egg is painted a stately teal which appears both green and blue depending on the lightning or angle, with an extensive faux gold trim inlay and even includes a music box. 6”. HO-972 Learn More

  8. Tina Turtle, a Musical Gift Egg

    Resting atop a small music box, Tina Turtle is actually a small gift egg disguised as a green and bronze turtle. Tina’s shell swings open to reveal a small gift area, perfectly sized for a ring. 2 ½”. HO-975 Learn More

    Regular Price: $46.00

    Special Price $19.00

  9. Musical Kewpie Jewelry Box

    This unique Florence & George exclusive collectible, created under license, is based on original Kewpie illustrations by Rose O'Neill, along with quotes from her writings. When the top of the trunk-shaped jewelry box is lifted, a small Kewpie appears and begins to dance, like the ballerinas of vintage jewelry box fame, to the tune of Mozart's The Magic Flute. 6". TY-136 Learn More

    Regular Price: $25.00

    Special Price $10.00

  10. Hand Winder-Red Christmas Music Box

    Our cylinder-comb red Christmas hand winder music box is simple to operate - just wind the handle at the side of the wooden box. Just like the Victorian original. 2 1/2" Plays O' Christmas Tree.TY-116 Learn More

    Regular Price: $15.00

    Special Price $9.00

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