The Wise Cracker by Debbee Thibault

For the Wise Cracker, it’s always the 4th of July. The fiery red firecracker figure was designed and made by noted American artist, Debbie Thibault. It features a red and gold-polka-dotted costume and cherubic character face. Comes on a signed and numbered base.
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Debbee Thibault

The artist has a simple credo, "each of my characters start from the stories I make up about them," which helps explain their fable like quality. Made entirely by hand in her California studio, each bears the true mark of individuality. Created of a unique paper mache that exactly captures the look of 19th century folk art dolls, and decorated with quirky yet artful touches, it's no wonder that Debbee Thibault has become a standard in Florence & George catalogs as well as collectors homes. Each is signed, numbered, and dated.


Summer may be over but for these two its always the 4th of July. Both fiery red firecracker figures were designed and made by noted American artist Debbie Thibault. They feature matching red and gold-polka-dotted costumes and cherubic c